By | August 30, 2019, 8:15 pm

If you have a PlayStation device with an active account, this might be the best time to take leverage. Some of the sources have reported that PlayStation users are receiving a free copy of one of the popular titles for the platform. Sony is apparently sending out the game, Astro Bot Rescue Mission, for free of cost. The title is not just popular but also has scored the top position in many lists that feature Virtual Reality games made for PlayStation.

People started noticing the new happening when some users started a Reddit thread saying that they got a digital download code from Sony. Using this code, they were able to download Astro Bot Rescue Mission — without paying a single penny. It’s very likely that Sony is not sending the codes to all of the users, but it has also become clear that the selection is purely random. As said earlier, Astro Bot Rescue Mission is a Virtual-Reality game. However, those who don’t have the VR gear for PS4 are also receiving the abovesaid code.

We still have no idea why Sony is sending out digital download codes of a VR game to people who don’t even own the required VR headset. One contention is that them getting the VR game would increase the chances of purchasing the VR components as well. In that way, a free copy of Astro Bot Rescue Mission, which actually has a price tag of $19.99, would be a great way to encourage VR-based gaming and VR-based PS4 titles in an exponential manner.

It should also be noted that the giveaway is not connected to the PlayStation Plus Subscription, which allows users to download two paid games for free, every month. The aforesaid digital codes are sent to people who have a PlayStation Network account, which is very common among PS4 users.