10 Reasons Your Phone is OverHeating By Cell Phone Repair Store


There are a few reasons and factors that can cause your smartphone to overheat, including battery issues and high external temperatures. You might know that when a phone overheats, it slows your phone’s processor, and in some cases, it shuts down until it returns to normal temperature. A smartphone’s internal temperature depends on its external environment. If you keep your phone under sunlight or in a hot temperature, it can affect the performance of your smartphone, causing it to work slowly; it will drain your battery and shut your phone down. If a smartphone is forced to shut down due to overheating, it does not restart. There is a difference between overheating and warming smartphones. It is normal for a smartphone to be warm when you play a game on it for 15-20 minutes. Therefore, it should not be taken as overheating. But if your mobile phone is hot, you shouldn’t ignore the temperature. Tech Base, a cell phone repair store in Llandudno, has given several reasons that might be causing your smartphone to overheat. 

  1. Defective Apps

Defective apps are usually responsible for overheating your smartphone. For instance, you download an app that heats your phone because of its incompatibility. Sometimes, when you update an app, it also comes in handy, but it can cause overheating due to a defect or fault. When you suspect an app is causing your mobile phone to overheat, you can do two things to resolve the issue. Identify the app that is causing the issue and uninstall it instantly. Wait for some time, try to reinstall, and see if the problem is solved. Check and see if there is any app update or if the app is outdated. Restart your phone and see if the problem persists.

  1. Use of Camera for a long time

Some people love to shoot videos with cameras. Shooting videos for more than 15 minutes can cause overheating. However, there doesn’t need to be any problem with the camera. The overheating can also be caused by the resolution rate, screen brightness and time of camera usage. Ensure that your camera is only used when needed. Also, keep in mind the resolution rate and brightness of the screen to prevent your mobile phone from overheating.

  1. Direct Heat

The environment is one of the biggest causes of overheating. When you leave your smartphone under sunlight, it can overheat. If you have kept your phone on a car dashboard while driving on a sunny day, it will also overheat your phone. A cell phone repair store in Llandudno advises you to keep your phone away from sunlight. If you are out, try to use your phone under a shade. 

  1. Phone case material

Protective phone casings are essential accessories for your smartphone. Cell phone repair experts in Llandudno recommend using a protective casing so that your phone will be saved if it drops. But one of the reasons behind overheating is keeping your phone in a casing all the time. Many protective casings are made of leather material or plastic because these materials can keep the cold and heat out. If you are using your phone and it starts to overheat, remove the phone case so that it radiates the heat away. 

  1. Usage Frequency

The frequency and time you use your smartphone also affect its overheating. If you are continuously using your phone, the battery and processor are working overtime, increasing the device’s temperature. Furthermore, some people have the habit of overcharging their phones which is not a good thing to do because it causes the phone to overheat.  

  1. Defective Components

Different components like charging ports, processors or a battery can sometimes overheat your phone. If you feel that your phone is heating from the back, the problem might be in the battery.  In addition to that, a defective cable or charging port can warm up your phone instantly. Try changing the charging cable or get the charging port repaired by consulting a phone repair store specialist. 

  1. Overcharging

If your phone is 100% charged. Remove it from charging. Don’t overcharge it, as it can cause overheating. Cell phone repair stores in Llandudno recommend avoiding charging batteries above 80 or 90%. Keep your phone in check while its charging and don’t let it overheat. If it does, immediately remove the charger. Contact an expert and get your battery replaced if there is any issue with it.

  1. Live Wallpapers

If the screen brightness is too high, you use live wallpapers on your device. Don’t. Because live wallpapers put a lot of pressure on your device’s processor, causing it to overheat. Instead, use a static background which will keep the temperature normal. 

  1. Over Using Bluetooth and WiFi

If you have an older model smartphone, using Bluetooth and WiFi constantly can overheat your smartphone because apps are constantly running in the background and updating, you are using your processor, which slows down the performance and overheats it. Repair stores advise you to check all the apps draining your battery and performance or disable Bluetooth and WiFi for some time. 

  1.  Streaming Videos

Another cause of overheating your phone is using Youtube, Netflix and Prime Video for many hours. When you stream heavy videos on your phone, it demands to load, which means that your phone’s display will be active for much time, eventually overheating. 
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