4 Smart Tips to Get Your Car Fixed after a Collision 

Smiling mechanic using a tablet pc at the repair garage
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Road accidents are increasing at an alarming rate. According to WHO, approximately 1.3 million people are affected by it annually. Road crashes not only take a toll on your health but also on your finances. After you’re done getting the required medical treatment and hiring a lawyer for a compensation claim, it’s time to pay attention to your damaged car. You need to be vigilant throughout the entire auto collision repair process to get the best end results. Here are a few smart tricks that can help you guide through the car repair process. 

1. Choose the auto body Shop of Your Choice

Most people go with the first auto body shop their insurance company suggests. Do not rush the process. Look for all the lists of auto body shops that your insurance company works with. If possible, pay them a visit and see the quality of services they provide. For instance, if you want a paintless dent repair, you must choose the auto body shop accordingly. This will help you get the best services for your car and help it to restore. 

2. Make sure OEM parts are Preferred

OEM( original equipment manufacturer) parts are the ones that came with your car. They are of the best quality and are built according to the needs of your vehicle. Aftermarket parts are a cheaper alternative to OEM parts and are made by various manufacturers. If your insurance policy allows you to choose, then always go for OEM parts for the best results. Most people do not read their insurance policy and get aftermarket parts without knowing the effect on a car’s performance. 

3. Research the Market Thoroughly 

To get the best estimate for your car repair, research the market patiently and see where you can get the best estimate possible. You surely don’t want the repair value to exceed the value of your car because then it is completely up to your insurer whether to pay you the repairs or its book value. Instead of getting in such a situation try to search the market well and get the best estimate. However, do not go for cheaper options to save the final bill as it lacks quality. 

4. Ask for Updates

It’s possible that your auto repair shop gets directly in contact with your insurance company for the repair of your car which is a good thing because you won’t be called multiple times in a day. However, you can ask for process updates and be notified of the procedures. In addition, ask them to notify you if any additional damage appears during repairs. To avoid surprises at the end keep yourself updated throughout the repair process.

The Bottom line

If your car encounters a collision, do not rush things to get your car repaired. Be mindful of the policy of your insurance company and look for all the options you have on the table. This will help you get your car repaired in less without the quality being compromised.