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When it comes to interior design, styles often come and go along with seasonal trends. One year, the prevailing trend might be bright and popping colours that complement each other, and on the next, it might be subdued hues and soft pastels. Simply put, interior design trends are like waves on the ocean – they swell, rise to a height, and then gradually fall out of style. If you don’t want to keep redesigning your home every time there’s a new trend that comes along, it might be a good idea for you to start exploring the concept of timeless interior design.

Timeless interior design can always look fresh, clean, and current, even as the years pass by. It never looks out of date and passe, even without being updated for a long period of time. If having a timeless interior design is something that piques your interest, here are some ideas that you can start building on to implement in your own personal space

Keep ‘staying power’ top of mind

One of the most central characteristics of a timeless interior design is that it has ‘staying power – that is, it doesn’t merely follow the hottest design cues of the season. To maintain a fresh and current look that lasts, you will want to explore colours, designs, and styles that are considered to be‘classic.’ Keep that same concept in mind as you are looking at various colours and materials that you are looking to incorporate in your interior design plan. This will help you stay consistent in terms of the aesthetics of your interior design choices – from your furniture all the way down to the smallest décor.

Make sure your architecture is timeless as well

One key part of achieving a timeless aesthetic is ensuring that your architecture and interior design complement each other seamlessly. With that said, it is vital that your architectural design has the same ‘classic’ look and feel that you are looking to achieve with your interiors. One example of a timeless architectural design is Greek architecture. By incorporating lines and stripes, sturdy columns, and statues and busts into your architecture, you’ll find it easier to achieve a look that’s always fresh and relevant, as you’re looking for complementary interior design elements to add into the mix.

One way to go about this method is to think of your architectural design as a ‘mannequin.’ In order to achieve an aesthetically pleasing look, you lean towards finding ‘clothes’ – or in this case, interior decorations – that will look well within the space. When looking for furniture and decorations, you would do well to consider choices inspired by nature and natural fibres like woods, bricks, stones, and softer elements like cotton.

Combine looks with functionality

Timeless design is about creating a space that’s functional, liveable, and sensible. So when you are choosing design elements such as furniture and décor, think:(1) does it blend well with the space and (2) does it serve a function that’s sensible and works with the intended role of the room. If, for example, you are decorating your kitchen, keep in mind that the space is intended not only to look good, but more importantly, to serve a purpose – to prepare food for everyone.

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That goes with the size of the furniture as well. When you’re decorating your living room, you might be tempted to go for a large, plush sofa. However, if you the sofa takes up too much space in the living room, then that might make navigating around the space difficult. This would disrupt the flow of the space, thus making the living room, ‘unliveable,’ so to speak.

If you keep these core principles in mind, you’ll find your way to designing a timeless and classic home. But, if you don’t feel confident doing it yourself, you can get in touch with XBD Collective. Their team of experts can help you achieve that look and feel that you want for your space.