Innovative Features in Lamborghini to Know in 2022

Innovative Features in Lamborghini

The automobile industry is constantly pushing towards the future due to modern-day technology and innovative features. Lamborghini is one such brand that is never short on technological addition to its modern models. The power of its new aspirated models is high enough to produce considerable horsepower, and riders are well-off in these models. The V12 engines in these models are fast enough to glide you over the road in some fine fashion. This post will outline innovative features in Lamborghini to know in 2022. Keep walking with us to learn more!

Innovative Features in Lamborghini:

Lamborghini has been dominating the automobile industry for years, and it will continue to do so in the following years. The brand is keeping its legacy alive due to the advanced technological features that riders love. We have compiled innovative features in Lamborghini that you must eye before renting or purchasing these models. Let us go through the following points without any further ado!

1. Carbon fiber:

Composite materials have always been in the central position in the automobile industry, and Lamborghini has always been a leader in creating these materials and carbon fiber as essential components. The carbon fiber monocoque is used in Aventador to maximize the aesthetic and stiffness effect in the vehicle.

Carbon fiber can make your Lamborghini extremely light and bring along a perfect balance among different parts. It is probably the reason why these cars are fast enough without losing their shape. Moreover, carbon fiber can also help your vehicle stay in shape after minor road accidents. Do you want to rent a Lamborghini to make your road trip memorable? Consider contacting rent Lamborghini Dubai companies today!

2. Four-wheel drive:

The reliable transmission systems in Lamborghini models have always attracted eyes, and they will continue to do so. Distribution of the torque effect into different parts of the vehicle is an essential task, and Aventador is ideally up to the task. The dynamic conditions of the car are well-kept through the transmission system.

In Aventador, 60% of the torque is distributed to the front axle in critical cases according to the driving mode you select. Drivers can choose a way before starting the car, and a particular method can drive the torque distribution up to a great extent. A Lamborghini can run faster like no other with a four-wheel driving feature.

3. Suspension:

Lamborghini Aventador can respond immediately to road conditions and driving style. The innovative push-rod suspension system combined with Magneto-Rheological Suspension (MRS) on the Aventador Superveloce can produce excellent driving results. Moreover, wheel dumping is also adjusted, so you face no problem at turns.

Even if you are braking, your car’s body will remain in shape and not rolling. It can lead to controlled steering and car handling, keeping you away from road accidents. Owing to these advanced systems, Lamborghini riders in the current day are less likely to meet a road accident.

4. Drive select modes:

Lamborghini has evolved the driving style customization, and riders are well-off with this technology. An Aventador can go from LP 700-4’s five shift style to Superveloce’s drive select system. The latter mode has three options which are:


Moreover, the addition of EGO mode in Spyder models can bring in further customizability for riders. Are you looking to enjoy a memorable ride with your buddies this weekend? Consider contacting rent Lamborghini Dubai companies for hiring this super-fast vehicle! The experience will surely give you goosebumps!

5. Independent Shifting Rod (ISR):

Lamborghini Aventador is equipped with a seven-speed ISR and robotized gearbox. The technology comes with dual simultaneous carbon-fiber synchronizers, reducing the vehicle weight. The synchronizers are used for gear engagement and disengagement, giving riders a smooth driving experience.

Do you know that the ISR and robotized gearbox has made it possible for a Lambo to achieve a gear shift time of 50 milliseconds? It is as quick as a human eye blinks, and the speed is too much for a vehicle gear shifting time.

6. All-wheel steering:

Lateral control in Lamborghini Aventador is enhanced with the introduction of all-wheel steering. The Lamborghini Dynamic Steering (LDS) is designed for the front axle, while the Lamborghini Rear-wheel Steering (LRS) controls the rear axle. The Lamborghini brand has never introduced such a tech before, and now it is going places.

The system has brought more agility to the car, even at medium and low speeds. Moreover, you can enjoy a stable ride at high speed, owing to this technology.

Enjoy a memorable ride in your dream car!

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