Little Tips to Help Make You Feel Like You Can Take on The World

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Cold and bleak January is no joke. Many are tired, freezing, and feeling like they wish they could hibernate like other mammals until it starts to cheer up outside. Somehow, humans got the rough end of the deal, and everyone has to get up and carry on, even though every part of their body is asking them to go back to bed.

January blues are real, and it does not exactly inspire someone to get out and plan for world domination.

While your best will look different every day, and that’s okay, this piece is going to take a look at some little tips to help make you feel like you can take on the world.

Get Your Favorite Music Blasting

Music can be a real stress reliever and will boost those endorphins right up if you have something upbeat and cheerful to listen to.

Many people have a song (or an entire playlist) that takes them from feeling lame to famous in no time, and that’s what you need to put on when you need a mental boost.

If you are able to, have a little dance as well, or practice your strut.

Get Your Nails Done

It can be really hard not to feel like a bad babe when you have had your nails done. There is just something about it that makes you feel like you can deal with whatever comes at you.

Got the flu? Blow your nose with a manicured hand. Typing at work? Make sure it clicks. Holding a glass of wine? Make it a luxury aesthetic. There is a reason Elle Woods went for a manicure after her spat with Warner.

Head over to a trusted nail salon in Oxford to make sure you can get the best fresh set there is and leave there feeling like a new person.

Dress Like You Mean It

It is hard to be in your villain era if you are just sitting around in your joggers and a five day old t-shirt. Sure, every baddie needs some downtime, but dressing the part is what is going to get you feeling ready for what life throws at you. It is up to you what confident (and comfortable) means when choosing an outfit.

Just make sure that you choose something that is easy to wear. It is hard to get things done when you are uncomfortable, so there is a fine line to tread.


Is an outfit really complete without some jewelry or some finishing touches? These little details can help make all of the difference in how someone feels when they are wearing something. Not to forget that there are bonus points if you wear something that means something to you. Perhaps you have a necklace you bought for yourself after an achievement, or maybe you have a ring from your loved one – these sentimental pieces remind you that you are loved and can achieve what you put your mind to, and how can you not take on the world knowing that?