Marvel Avengers Alliance – The Game You Should Know About

Marvel Avengers Alliance
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Marvel Avengers Alliance, developed by American Studio Offbeat Creations, is a turn-based social-network game. In 2012, it was published by Playdom. Alex Irvine is a great writer and the characters and storylines of this video game were published by Marvel Comics. The main objective of releasing the password was to promote the film The Avengers, a Marvel Studio Crossover movie.

It is a one-of-its-kind game that was available on a social media website Facebook, on March 1, 2012. In the very first year, the game won the award for Best Social Game on the Video Game Awards 2012. After the success of the Marvel Avengers Alliance, the game was made available on iOS and Android devices too on 13th June 2013.

Game Shut Down in 2016

If you are an Avengers lover, you might be aware of the term Earth-12131. The Avengers Alliance universe is designated with that term.

Though the game was one of the most successful games created by DCPI, it was not a long-running game and Disney shut it down on September 30th, 2016. After shutting down Disney Infinity in May, the company gave another shock to game players. Marvel Avengers Alliance was taken off from Facebook, Amazon App Store, App Store, Google Play, Windows Phone Store- all in all, from every platform. All the downloads and purchases were ceased.

They wanted it to be a good successful game designed for Facebook but now as per the response, they want to concentrate on online and mobile game experiences. A growing selection of Disney mobile apps was another focus area of the company after shutting down Marvel Avengers Alliance.

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Features of the Game

Collections feature were added as a part of Special Operations- Cry Havok. Collections recruit new characters to a team. Collections were to be completed for assessing the feature, it could b done by opening Lockboxes and collecting all eight Comic Book Covers will unlock it.

Player Vs. Player (PVP)

There were different tournaments called PVP where players fought to reach various tiers; Adamantium, Vibranium, Diamond, Gold, Silver (descending order). The players who reach the topmost level- Adamantium are awarded a new hero at the end of the PvP Season. Most of the players used to first take up several practice sessions of PvP fighting during non-tournament times.

Daily Missions

When players needed elite awards, they used to play 24-hour limited missions. It was a major challenge to be completed and the various restrictions imposed on them were the reason. The mission got exchanged after the 24-hour window ends.

Special Operations (Spec Ops)

To obtain a new hero in Marvel Avengers Alliance, a player has to complete 25 tasks in a limited-time challenge called Special Operations. Special weapons and items are awarded to the player after the completion of 5 tasks. Moreover, the battle results in getting unique boss items to make the game more interesting and fascinating. But there is an exception in this point also. It is Spec Ops mission where 5-star mastery is needed to be obtained in all the missions.


In Marvel Avengers Alliance, the S.H.I.E.L.D simulator is of two parts- Villain Archive and Challenges. The former provides a biography of each villain as well as a free fight simulation against them. The Challenges let a player earn a reward when they won after fighting different challenges and crossing special conditions.


Players can fully personalize the agent and take control of an agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. It is possible by leveling up, gaining experience, and equipping their agents with uniforms and weapons achieved in the game. When the game was in practice, teaming up with two players was possible with the help of their respective abilities and skills. Not all are open to being teamed up with, but some of them are locked. Gameplay consists of turn-based fights with six-character classes: tactician, generalist, blaster, bruiser, scrapper. Players can take up any uniforms from all the classes. Pro Tips To Upgrade Your Marvel Future Revolution Gameplay

The Bottom Line

There are many different games made by Disney. Social media sites are not only a networking platform but also, have become a gaming zone. Marvel Avengers Alliance was one such example that got popular in 2012.