Why Businesses Need Commercial Security Alarm Systems


Security is important to the growth of any business, which is why many business owners devote resources to installing a commercial security alarm system in Utah. Most burglaries occur at non-residential areas, like offices and shops, requiring them to install more security, especially because people come and go in large numbers. While residential buildings can have just a front door lock, camera surveillance, and an alarm system, businesses require more advanced measures.

Types of Commercial Security Alarm Systems

There are different security strategies that businesses in commercial areas can employ. Some can rely to install a commercial security alarm system in Utah. Whichever it is, it is advisable to consult a professional who will recommend the best commercial security systems in Utah that is suitable for your business. Here are a few common options:

1. Alarm Systems

Generally, alarm systems deter criminal activities and notify the relevant personnel of a breach. Modern alarms are connected to electromagnetic doors within an office building, and specific events trigger the alarms, making them go off. For example, smoke within a building can trigger commercial security alarm system utah.

2. Video Surveillance

Due to the number of people going in and out of a commercial building daily, the kind of video surveillance required is much more than private residences. Commercial buildings need real-time alerts inside and around the building premises. Mounted cameras at the front door, indoor, and outdoor areas can help in this regard and provide law enforcement with information to apprehend criminals, where necessary.

3. Intercom Systems

Otherwise called telephone systems, this technology adds an extra layer of security to commercial buildings. Any office or business building that manages visitor access can benefit from the system. This technology involves using a base station with a microphone, speaker, and camera placed at the entryway of a building, allowing visitors to communicate with occupants. Then, there are substations placed at different parts of the building, which receive audio and visual transmissions from the base stations, which residents can use to grant visitors access to the building.

4. Keycards

These are swipe, ID, or magnetic key fobs or keycards that are read by smart doors at business entryways. Anybody authorized to enter the building must swipe, tap, or insert their card; the chip inside the card uses a unique code to grant access. Once the card reader accepts the provided credentials, a signal is sent to the door to unlock.

Benefits of Commercial Security Alarm Systems

Whether your business is close to home or far away, you need a security alarm system to safeguard your assets. Burglaries not only affect your current stock but can also cause your business to close for police investigation, causing you to lose more money and potential customers. So, you cannot afford to take chances with your business security. The best commercial security systems in Utah provide overall security to businesses in the area. Apart from this, here are a few specific benefits of getting a commercial security alarm system in Utah:

  • Security alarm systems dissuade burglars from entering your property, as there are higher chances of being caught.
  • Wireless alarm systems provide round-the-clock surveillance and can function without electricity or during blackouts when most burglaries occur.
  • Alarm systems cut the costs of hiring security guards to patrol an office complex or commercial building.
  • They grant more control to business owners to determine who has access to what and where, especially for companies with many employees.
  • Once triggered, automated alarm systems send notifications to law enforcement, ensuring quick responses, which comes in handy on days when employees are out of the office, like weekends or public holidays.
  • A business with visible hi-tech security alarm systems will have a better corporate reputation and seem more reliable to investors.


 Every organization will benefit from improved security, and while commercial security systems cost more, the benefits outweigh the cost. Over time, it is an investment that will save you money. Deciding which systems to install is often tough, so consider any of the options in this post or consult the best commercial security systems in Utah for recommendations.