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Full Form of IXPRL
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IXPRL is a very widely asked acronym. It is one of the buzzwords on the internet. It is a form of an extensible business reporting language. Not only one, but the word is associated with various fields such as Nutrition and Food Technology, reporting language, and Niagara Falls Tourism. If you are looking for the full form of IXPRL, you are going to get it here on our platform.

IXPRL is “Intuitive Xenodochial Perfectionistic Reserved Level

If you are into the Hindi language, then also we have translated the word in that language.

IXPRL in Hindi can be written as – सहज ज्ञान युक्त ज़ेनोडोचियल पूर्णतावादी आरक्षित स्तर

Is it yet hard to fix in mind? We have tried to go one step ahead and break the word into smaller parts.

I= Intuitive= Instinctive or the one who feels what is true without any form of conscious reasoning available. For example, novel writers intuitively know what the readers want to read in the story.

X= Xenodochial= In the Greek language, the word simply means friendly to strangers. It is more commonly used when a friendly word is to be said in a very intellectual way. For example, some people are so good in their behavior that they are even xenodochial.

P= Perfectionistic= One who looks for the highest quality of work or someone who believes in the doctrine of perfectionism. For example, some people, in order to become perfectionists, take a lot of time in delivering the project.

R= Reserved= there are two meanings of this word. Slow to reveal opinions or emotions. For example, Rina is a reserved kind of personality, she barely talks her heart out.

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Secondly, especially kept for a particular person. For example, this seat is reserved for VIPs.

L= Level= being at the same height with something or someone. For example, her heels were level with Lily’s.

All the frequently asked questions related to the acronym IXPRL have been answered briefly above. Along with providing the English full form of IXPRL, the blog also has covered its meaning in Hindi as well. All the questions like What is the full form of IXPRL, full form of IXPRL in Hindi, and What does IXPRL stands for are answered.

So, it can be concluded that IXPRL is Intuitive Xenodochial Perfectionistic Reserved Level and in Hindi, it is सहज ज्ञान युक्त ज़ेनोडोचियल पूर्णतावादी आरक्षित स्तर.

In addition, even the meaning of the word that comprises the acronym is shared along with respective examples to make learning the word a cakewalk. Hope it has become easy for you to understand and most importantly, remember it. If you are frequently looking for such information in an expanded way, you can stay connected to our website. We keenly upload such content to help people like you. Kindly share your views about the information in the comments section below. We love to read what our audience says. We are here to move as per your requirements. Thanks for reading.

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