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If you’re looking for some great anime TV series, there are many titles to choose from. You may want to check out Dragon Ball Z, Future Boy Conan, Evangelion, and It’s Morning! Clamployees, among others. Each series has something unique to offer.

It’s Morning! Clamployees

If you love Japanese animation, you may have heard of It’s Morning! Clamployees anime TV series. The show is a preschool-oriented series. There are over 1,000 episodes in this series. The show was broadcast on Nippon TV Network.

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Dragon Ball Z

The Dragon Ball Z anime TV series is a Japanese cartoon produced by Toei Animation. It is the sequel to the 1986 anime series Dragon Ball. It is based on the popular media franchise, Dragon Ball. It is aimed at a broader audience than its predecessor. Dragon Ball Z is a surprisingly fun show to watch and enjoy.

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While the series has remained popular, it has suffered from censorship. Funimation has tried to adapt the manga to the television screen but has been criticized for changing some elements. Although Toriyama remained the main author of the manga, Funimation has censored the series to fit the American audience. For example, Mr. Satan has been renamed to Hercule, instead of Devil. The anime series also suffers from filler, which is the extra material that is put on a series to pad out the length.

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Many of the characters in Dragon Ball have small statures, which makes drawing them difficult. However, Toriyama changed this by making Goku bigger, so that the fight scenes could be drawn easier. In addition, he had the characters fight in a remote area, which avoided drawing difficult characters.

Future Boy Conan

Future Boy Conan is a post-apocalyptic science fiction anime TV series. It is based on the novel of the same name by Alexander Key. The story focuses on a boy named Conan who must survive the future while saving the world. It has received numerous awards and has garnered huge popularity among fans.

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The series follows the adventures of Conan and his friends. Conan is the son of a wealthy businessman who dreams of being a superhero. He wants to save the world and find a way to save his mother, Lana. He takes up the quest to rescue her and ends up meeting several new friends along the way. In the process, he becomes involved in Lepka’s schemes.

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The series was first aired on Japanese television on 4 April 1978. It was Miyazaki’s directorial debut. Isao Takahata and Yoshiyuki Tomino worked on the series. The preparation time for the series was between three and six months. This resulted in the show being behind schedule.

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If you like anime and are interested in the characters and storyline, you’ve probably heard about Evangelion. The Japanese series is considered to be a masterpiece, and it spawned a sequel, End of Evangelion. This spinoff has new footage and a slightly more bloody ending. Fans of the show should definitely give it a watch.

Evangelion is an anime TV series that is set in a world that was devastated by the Second Impact. The survivors have to fight to survive, and the United Nations is tasked with protecting their people from the fallout. In addition, the survivors of the Second Impact must also deal with extraterrestrial killer mechs known as Angels.

The anime adaptation was created by Gainax, the studio behind the popular manga. It originally aired from October 1995 to March 1996. It explored religious and psychological themes. At first, it seemed like a simple mecha show, but the plot began to branch out into philosophical territory.

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