Applying False Eyelashes? Know The Do’s And Don’ts


Every woman dreams of having a lush, glamorous look day in and out. And if you, too, wish to achieve that look without much effort and even with no makeup, fake eyelashes are your best bet. Though they’re just little pieces of hair attached to your eyelashes, they can significantly change your overall appearance. But putting on false lashes can prove problematic unless you follow a few certain do’s and don’ts. After all, you want your lashes to look breathtakingly beautiful yet appear natural.

That being said, grab your best winks and learn the basics of correctly putting on false lashes.

Putting On Fancy or Simple Eyelashes

False lashes, simple or fancy, have a lot of intricacies that people may consider intimidating. But following do’s and don’ts will help you improve your eyelash game in no time.

Listing the Do’s

  • Pick A Lash According To Your Eye Shape

When buying falsies, remember that they won’t be a perfect fit straight out of the package. For example, there might be issues with the length and size — some can be too long, and some too wide. Trim each lash to the same length as your lash line. If you don’t, the lashes will irritate your eyelids and not look good.

  • Apply The Lash Glue

Next, apply a small coat of lash glue to the lashes. Always use a small amount as too much glue can wear down your false eyelashes, or it’ll be visible on the eyelids. Applying the glue in a dotted line will ensure you evenly spread the glue across the lash.

  • Place The False Lashes Right Above Your Lash Line

This is a crucial part because how you place your false lashes on your natural ones will determine how your final look turns out. Try and merge the false lashes with the real ones. Make sure you stick your falsies over your lash line, so your skin isn’t showing.

If you have shaky hands, try using a tweezer or an eyelash applicator to get those desired levels of precision.

Listing The Don’ts

  • Make Sure Your Right And Left Lashes Aren’t Mixed

False lashes are designed with each side of the face in mind, so make sure you don’t mix the right one with the left. Nothing is worse than getting the whole lash on and then realizing that it’s on the wrong eye.

  • Don’t Put On The Eyelashes Right After Applying The Glue

After putting on the glue, let it dry before placing false lashes on top of your lash line. If you wait 30 seconds after applying the glue would be enough for its stickiness to surface. Otherwise, lashes will not stay on your lash line long.

  • Don’t Skip On The Mascara

After applying your artificial lashes, you’ll want to blend them in with your real lashes to make them look more natural. To do that, use an eyelash brush or pencil liner and apply a coat of mascara onto your false lashes. This will give your eyes the much-desired lift to your lashes and blend your original and false lashes, giving your eyes a more natural look.

  • Don’t Forget To Curl Up The Lashes

Curling your false eyelashes into natural ones will help them stay on for longer and look more natural.

To Conclude

False eyelashes are an ultimate gift for those who care about their appearance. Sure it has its intricacies with putting it on, removing, and maintaining it, but they can change your look from plain to stylish.

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