Avoid These Common Problems in CPAP Mask


CPAP is continuous positive air pressure therapy commonly used to treat sleep apnea. A CPAP machine has a hose, nosepiece, and a machine that provides constant air pressure for continuous breathing.

CPAP is the most prescribed therapy by doctors for obstructive sleep apnea because the air pressure supplied by this machine keeps the airway open, which helps the patient breathe easily.

When you use a CPAP machine, various problems could arise, such as leaky masks, trouble falling asleep, dry mouth, and more. However, you can avoid such problems by choosing a CPAP mask wisely. Here is the list of common problems that you can encounter while using a CPAP mask and solutions of the same. Read on-

The wrong mask

A CPAP mask must fit properly; else, it can interrupt your sleep. One of the motives for using CPAP masks is getting sound sleep; however, an uncomfortable mask can do the opposite. For instance, some individuals may not feel comfortable in a mask with straps that stretch across their forehead and cheeks. On the contrary, these perfectly fit masks provide a stable air supply despite a lot of movement in sleep. So, what should you choose?


If you are not a mouth breather, try out a nasal mask. These masks sit on your nose and not on your mouth, thus giving you a feeling of openness.

Dry and stuffy nose

One of the common reasons for a dry nose is a leaky mask. Tightening the strap may help as it will prevent air leakage. But, if you have to tighten the strap every other second, how will you get sound sleep?


Go to a store that sells CPAP machines along with humidifiers. You can adjust the level of humidification in the machine. Using a nasal saline spray can also give relief from dry and stuffy noses.

Feeling claustrophobic

Some people feel claustrophobic in masks. Individuals who are mouth breathers may have to wear a full face mask. Initially, you may not be comfortable wearing a full face mask; however, once you get habitual, there is nothing to worry about.


Practice wearing a full face mask while you are awake. First, just hold it up to your face without straps. Change the mask size or style if you don’t feel good in that mask.

Leaky mask and irritation

A leaky or ill-fitted mask indicates that you are not receiving the full air pressure that you need. This situation can make your skin irritating. A leaky mask can also direct the air into your eyes, causing them to irritate and become dry or teary.


Try adjusting pads and straps to make the mask fit you well. A mask should fit over your nose; it shouldn’t sit on the bridge of your nose because this position will redirect air in your eyes. If the mask size bothers you, find a CPAP supplier who can provide you with the right size mask. Use the keywords CPAP machine supply store near me to search out a CPAP store near your location.