Best Seed Banks in the United States


Are you Digging the internet to find the best ILGM seed bank? As we have compiled the list of the best-suited seed banks for you in the US. It doesn’t matter whether you are a veteran or a new one in the industry seeking to find the most genuine client-friendly company that can hold your hand to help you in generating high-end revenue.

  1. I Love Growing Marijuana Seed Bank

ILGM is among the most reputable companies in the US for seed banks, the first choice of the newbie’s with seasonal discounts like Buy 10 & Get 10 Seeds for free. And that’s why they are not only the no.1 but also the first choice for newcomers who are willing to start their careers. They offer perks like guaranteed germination, free delivery, free seeds, stealth shipment facility and lots of more.

2. Homegrown Cannabis Co

Suppose You are looking for a company with a great support system, Discreet delivery, and the highest germination rate with multiple payment facilities. In that case, Homegrown Cannabis may be a great choice for you. It promises an 80% germination rate with 24X7 chat support and free shipping on orders above 90%. They have multiple and easy payment methods like wire transfer; they also accept debit and credit cards.

3. i49 Marijuana Seed Bank

The US-based is one of the best seed bank companies that offer wholesale pricing rates for the newbies. They provide high-quality seeds and some growing solutions — tools that can help you take your weed seeds from sprout to harvest.

This vendor is regarded as one of the best seed banks in the United States because they supply your seeds and are known for supporting their new customers 24×7 by holding their hands in the market.

4. Ministry of Cannabis Seeds

This company originates in Spain. They provide worldwide stealth shipping with a 100% guarantee, which may be the best characteristics of any Best Seed Bank globally.

But what’s more, they also take guarantee of germination of seeds they provide. Mandarin Haze, Divine God’s Glue, and a bulky Big Bud XXL are part of their expensive catalog; you can try it out.

5. MSNL Seed Banks

It is the Best Seed Bank in the United States known for stealth delivery. The company was established in 1999. They have a great reputation for providing quality seeds with fast and reliable shipping in the country and across the globe.

They have super discreet guaranteed shipping methods, which are provided for free with every order.

6. Quebec Cannabis Seed Bank

Their founders are expert growers dedicated to providing the most famous genetics in the world. Canada-based company Quebec Cannabis promises quick and guaranteed delivery across the United States.

7. Seed Supreme aka Seedsman Cannabis Seeds

They are known for providing the most famous marijuana strains in their selection of seeds, such as Gelato, Skywalker, and Do-Si-Do. They have the largest catalogs of more than 4000 strains.

Based in the UK, they offer stealthy shipping to the US with guaranteed delivery.