Calling All Freelance Writers: Don’t Make These Mistakes When Starting Out

Freelance Content Writing Jobs

Have you been kicking about the idea of diving into the content writing industry? Starting your freelance content writing journey, whether it be blogging, copywriting, or even creative writing? If so, then listen carefully, as it will be extremely important for you to do it correctly.

Freelance Content Writing

For people with a creative mind and a passion and skill for writing, Freelance Content Writing can be a great avenue for them. A freelance writer’s life is independent and flexible. It can also be very rewarding and lubricating in terms of money once you learn to properly utilize and demonstrate your skills. The best part? You can break free from the traditional 9 to 5 job cycle.

With all these perks, you may be tempted to begin your journey in the world of content writing. And over the next weeks, you apply to scores of writing gigs. But after some time, you see your hopes beginning to shatter as you struggle to find a new client. What’s worse is you can’t figure out why you haven’t been able to land a single gig yet.

New freelance writers often make some big blunders and wonder why they don’t have any clients or why their current clients pay them pennies. They are unaware of the mistakes preventing them from living their dream life, i.e., earning a living from writing.

And, if you’re reading this blog, you don’t want to make the mistakes most newbie freelance writers make. You’re ready to act and learn from others and avoid those mistakes.

With that said, here’s a list of six freelance writing mistakes that many people make far too often.

Mistakes Newbie Writers Make When Starting Freelance Content Writing

If you want to make a real living working as a freelance writer, then it’s a safe bet that you’ll make a mistake or two along the way. But the important thing is not to repeat the same mistakes and learn from them. That’s actually how you enter the freelance writer’s secret society.

So, if you wish to launch a successful freelance writing career, learn to dodge these common mistakes.

• You Have No Blog

Having a blog is a must for a freelance writer. Not only a blog showcases your portfolio to prospective clients, but it is an excellent medium through which clients can contact you.

If a prospective client wishes to see your writing style and gauge your competence, how would they be able to? For instance, you may be very knowledgeable on health and wellness or sports, but if clients don’t see your work, how can they be sure of your expertise.

• You Haven’t Chosen A Niche

With such a high degree of competition in the content writing industry, you need to set yourself apart from other freelance writers.

And how would you do that?

Choose a niche for yourself!

Try to select one area to specialize in. Instead of dedicating all of your time to attracting every possible client, you can concentrate on providing exceptional service to clients under your niche’s domain. Find topics that interest you and write as many posts as possible about them. That way, you’ll appear as an expert on certain subjects, increasing your chances of convincing the public to let you write about them.

When you choose a niche, your search for clients becomes narrowed, providing you with plenty of direction when you begin pitching for jobs.

• Your Pitching Strategy Isn’t Right

Once you’ve found your niche, the next step is to pitch freelance writing ideas to potential clients that cover the specific topics you’re most interested in.

You’ll have a strong chance of landing a potential client when you pitch ideas to relevant people other than casting a wide net and trying to forward ideas everywhere. And hopefully, it will lead to you receiving consistent work from them and bringing in more income.

• You Make Too Many Grammar And Formatting Mistakes

As a freelance writer, when you get hired to put together an article, a blog, a product description, or something else, it is expected of you that your spelling and grammar will be flawless. If they’re not, your clients will be disappointed and think twice before hiring you again. Another thing to consider is how your content is formatted. Remember, if your content is poorly formatted, you won’t only fail to land a gig, but it can lead to an embarrassing experience.

So, you must brush up on your spelling and grammar and learn proper formatting before launching your freelance writing career. It would also be good to download reliable editing tools like Grammarly and Hemingway.

• You Fail To Meet Deadlines

If there’s anything more irritable for a client is having to deal with a freelancer that can’t deliver a content copy to them within a specific time frame. After all, keeping to deadlines and following instructions is essential for your job as a freelancer.

Demonstrating an ability to meet deadlines shows the client that you are a professional and can be trusted.

• You Undervalue Yourself

The long-awaited moment has finally arrived! A client is interested in hiring you. They’ve read your work and would like to offer you employment. It might be tempting to lower your rates as it’s only your first gig, but that doesn’t mean you should charge pennies for a dollar’s worth of work.

Furthermore, lowering your rates and undercharging your clients is also counter-productive in the long run. You’ll have to dedicate more time to make the amount you know you deserve but don’t have enough confidence to ask for it.

To Conclude

Indeed, starting as a freelance writer can be daunting, and the last thing you would want to make is a mistake. Luckily, you have this guide to know what to look for and what mistakes to avoid when launching your freelance writing career.

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