Coffee Can Treat Pain After Exercise

Coffee Can Treat Pain After Exercise

Coffee is believed to be able to overcome pain after exercise. However, is this statement true? If so, what makes coffee able to overcome pain after exercise?

Muscle pain often occurs after you exercise.

When you start a new exercise, change your exercise style, or increase the duration and intensity of an exercise.

This pain and stiffness are caused by microscopic damage to muscle fibers that work harder than usual.

It turns out that according to research, complaints of muscle pain can be alleviated by drinking coffee after exercise.

Benefits of Coffee to Overcome Pain After Exercise

Research related to the benefits of drinking coffee after exercise.

The researchers found that caffeine in coffee can help relieve complaints of muscle pain after exercise in a group of young men, both those who regularly consume caffeine and those who are not accustomed to consuming caffeine.

The study involved 25 young men, some of whom are accustomed to consuming caffeine on a daily basis.

Meanwhile, some of the other participants were in the group who were not used to consuming caffeine. Super p force and aurogra 100 can be used to improve erection.

The two groups were then given a pill containing caffeine equivalent to 2.5 to 3 cups of coffee or an empty pill that did not contain any active ingredients an hour before exercising. This pill is given randomly.

All participants were asked to do two high-intensity exercises for 30 minutes with an interval of one week.

As a result, the group that consumed caffeine felt muscle pain with a lighter intensity compared to the group that took the empty pill.

The study found that caffeine consumption before upper-body resistance training improved performance.

The decreased perception of pain in the days following strenuous resistance training allows individuals to increase the number of training sessions over a given period of time.

Overcome Pain, What is a Safe Dosage of Coffee?

Then, is there a rule or dose of drinking coffee per day to deal with pain after exercise?

Caffeine consumption of 6 mg per kg of body weight appears to facilitate the restoration of muscle strength, in both men and women.

Usually, a cup of coffee contains 100 mg of caffeine, so drinking one to two cups of coffee 60 minutes before exercising can help lower health. Cenforce 150 can be purchased with online pharmacies like TrustedMedsWorld

Although it benefits in reducing pain after exercise, consider using caffeine before exercise as it can cause some side effects.

Negative side effects of caffeine include:

  • Increased feelings of anxiety
  • The heart is pounding
  • Blood pressure rises
  • Stomach ache
  • Increased urination
  • Disturbed sleep

That’s the explanation about the relationship between drinking coffee and muscle pain after exercise. Consume caffeine based on your abilities because everyone has a different sensitivity to caffeine.