Dwayne Johnson’s Movies, Ranked From Worst to Best

Dwayne Johnson's Movies
77 / 100

Hollywood superstar Dwayne Johnson is one of the last big movie stars. Whether it’s an ass-kicking, funny movie, or sometimes both, Dwayne Johnson, also known as The Rock, has the incredible and fantastic ability to make almost any movie better just by showing up.

Here we will discuss Dwayne Johnson’s movies that are categorized by the quality and Dwayne Johnsons. Minor roles are generally low-level In a film, and cameos are only included if they stand out in the film.

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The Mummy Returns

Let’s talk out the mummy returns. In “The Mummy Returns,” as a Dwayne Johnson movie, the WWE wrestler who has a good fan following turned in to actor in the movie for a very short prologue, then he turns in scorpion monster in the movie, he returns at the end as a scorpion monster in CGI. But it was Dwayne Johnson’s who is also known as The rock,first-ever significant and fabulous role in a film,so he really deserves a shout-out and a cheer for that reason.

Considering the film is so hyperactive and shrill, it’s a little hard to watch alone for that reason.

Honorable Mention: “The Other Guys (2010)

Dwayne Johnson has starred in more than one detective comedy in which his cameo is little more than a comedy, but his appearance in the clever and subversive “The Other Guys” Adam’s McKay is a treat.

Dwayne Johnson who is also known as The rock become evident as the ideal for heroic action movie, alongside the great Hollywood star Samuel L. Jackson died surprisingly in the film and Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg to take the lead role of the film. It is a small part of it, but The rocks film owns it, and the rest of the film part has a lot of fun. Not all rock movies are not successful, but maximum gave their best.

Doom (2005)

The doom film might not be the worst film of The rock (Dwayne Johnson) movie, but it says more about other video game film than “Doom” film.Andrzej Bartkowiak’s movie is so obscurely lit that it is really very hard to tell what’s going on in that film, and when you understand what is actually going on that movie, you realize it’s a dumb film.

The last and final  fight in the rocks movie between Johnson and Urban is very much incredible and exciting, but it’s not worth watching the sequel to this terrible movie to make it happen. Johnson and Karl Urban play a good Space Marines on a target mission to Mars, where Mars dangerous monsters kill people in that video game movie.

Southland Tales and Baywatch

The great star Richard E. Kelly’s ambitious follow-up to the Hollywood film”Donnie Darko” has an impressive and fabulous cast in the movie and a lot of ideas, but the casting in that movie was wasted. The rock stars as a orthodox movie star who gets caught up in a sci-fi films in the Hollywood industries, but the movie Southland Tales is not funny, and even the funny moments don’t look like crazy in the movie .

If you ever wondered what it would be like if Neil Breen played “Wild Palms” again, well, you have very specific tastes in movie choice, but this movie is for Hollywood movie lovers. Hollywood Stars like David Hasselhoff in Baywatch Hollywood film is a comedy TV series, and he probably didn’t know that was funny. It’s not a bad idea, and Johnson takes advantage of it now and then, but the film’s sense of humor and lazy stereotypes undermine any attempt at intelligence. Believe it or not, “Baywatch” deserved better audience support and reviews from The rock movie lovers.

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Empire State and Planet 51 movie

Empire State is the story of the biggest money theft in American history. Empire State is not as interesting as viewers might think. This Dwayne Jhonson movie is a competent but meaningless drama; Liam Hemsworth and Michael Angarano commit crimes. At the same time, Johnson takes on a thankless supporting role as a cop hunter who has no personality traits to speak of. It’s just for the die-hard Dwayne Johnson or The rock movie fan followings.

In Planet 51, aliens land in an idyllic 1950s suburb, but the twist is that the “alien” is a human. The paranoid citizens are green-skinned creatures from another planet. Johnson plays the human astronaut and seems to be having fun. Still, this harmless, monotonous animated comedy never shows imagination beyond its premises, and there’s hardly a laugh to be found.

Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and Get Smart movie

Journey to the middle of the Earth’s crust. In this Dwayne johnson movie, Johnson plays the role of a stepfather. He takes his children on an incredible adventure to a CGI island with giant birds and animals pooping on Luis Guzmán while riding a giant bee. They only showed up to collect their paycheck, but “Journey 2,” Which is Dwayne johnsons movie, is one of Johnson’s most iconic moments on screen: “The PecPop of Love,” where he bounces a berry off his chest and worms. The public, using the full power of 3D. In this cinematic reboot of one of the funniest and fantastic TV shows.

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