Effective ways to increase real estate sales


In the real estate market, crises occur every two years, so what should the remaining players in the market do in order not to lose their jobs? Click here to see Apartments for sale in lahore gulberg.

Introduce additional services

How to increase sales in a real estate agency if there are few customers? Offer them additional services and you will save them from worries. In addition, you will receive additional income. For example, you can:

Find tenants

Find tenants for investors who purchase commercial office property from your agency and charge an additional fee for it.

Introduce a trust management service

It will be of interest to owners living overseas; who rents more apartments; investors who rent multiple premises or entire office buildings. All of them are physically unable to work with their rented home. So instead of doing all the work, the real estate agents enter into contracts with the tenants, settle controversial issues up to being in court, check the payment of the utilities, receive the payment (once a month / six months / year) and transfer it to the owner, keeping their 10-20%.

Remove real estate from real estate

For example, the owner of a ground floor apartment wants to turn it into a hairdresser. So, you have to collect a large bundle of documents, go through the authorities and fill out various applications more than once. It is a long and complicated process. Therefore, if the agency takes care of the whole process, the customers will gladly come and it will automatically help increase your revenue.

Other methods do not directly affect your profit from the deal by selling houses or land for sale, but they do help in gaining a loyal customer.


For example, one way to increase your income is to partner with organizations involved in real estate transactions. Real estate agents send their clients to them and receive a certain amount from the partners for it. And these partners offer customers discounts on their services. Thanks to this service, customers become loyal, they turn to the agency again and, above all, they recommend it to their friends. According to many experts, after introducing additional services and partner programs, the customer flow increases by approximately 15-20%.

Who else can real estate agencies collaborate with:

Insurance companies.

Many insurance companies offer real estate insurance to their clients directly in the office or recommend contacting a partner company. The client receives insurance discounts and the agency receives bonuses from the partner for each insurance policy.


Many agencies advertise projects under construction and seek buyers, telling them about discounts from various developers. Buyers get this comparison from agents and choose a better option. It turns out that the agency helps customers to buy cheaper housing, and developers – to attract interested buyers. In this case, the developer pays the commission to the real estate agent. For the client, the services of a real estate agent are free.

Design companies

The same scheme as the construction team: the agency recommends the services of a designer at a discount and receives a commission from the designers for each client brought.

Choose the right advertising channels

Choose the right advertising channels to promote offices, apartments, houses for sale or land. To choose the most effective ones, you must first determine the characteristics of the object:

Type of property (residential, commercial or other land for sale),

Segment (economy class, business class, elite, luxury, etc.),

Location (the place where the object is located)

Billboards and advertising on transport

Billboards and transportation advertising are suitable for promoting luxury properties or significant developments, such as new housing estates. They are located not far from the objects themselves or near work / recreational areas of potential customers; otherwise, they won’t see it and you will waste your money.

Newspaper advertising

For economy class apartments, advertising in city newspapers, at bus stops and near entrances is more effective. If the item was purchased, post ads to the area where you want to buy it. If you are selling, try to cover as many places as possible because people living in the center can look for a house in a residential area and vice versa.

Online Marketing

Online marketing is suitable for any property. According to statistics for 2020, contextual advertising, social networks and aggregate sites work more effectively.

According to our experts, the bulletin boards are suitable for advertising of economy class properties. From social networks, Instagram and Facebook work