Five Signs of Poor Plumbing


The plumbing system is one of the basic needs of every residential and commercial building. You can get easy access to water and sanitation due to proper plumbing. If the plumbing system gets poor, it can create a lot of difficulties in your daily life. Some signs of poor plumbing are noticeable, and some are not. This article has accumulated some signs of poor plumbing that you should never ignore:

Seepage in Walls Indicates a Plumbing Issue

Seepage in the walls and floor occurs when a severe plumbing issue occurs, such as excessive water pressure in the adjacent water pipes. It can create water leakage inside the wall. The tiny cracks on the walls and floors allow the water to create seepage in the walls. It can be dangerous not only for your property but also for yourself. This way, seepage makes the foundation, floor, roof, and walls of the building weaker. The constant water seepage in the foundation and walls can decrease the life expectancy of the building.

Sudden Rise in Water Bills

Whether it is your residential or commercial building, the water is used for many purposes. If you notice an unexpected increase in the water bill prices, you should consider a professional plumbing inspection. In such a scenario, first, you should contact the water supply authority of your state, and if they did not increase the bills, it indicates the poor plumbing in the building. You can also get your plumbing issues fixed by contacting plumbers Jackson MS .

Dripping Pipes Can Lead to Catastrophic Damage

A dripping pipe is a clear sign of poor plumbing that should never be ignored. The small leakages in the pipes can lead to a sudden burst that can damage your property and indicate your life risk. If the dripping pipes burst eventually, you cannot handle the extreme water pressure from the pipes. It can also cause floods in your house and your valuable belongings can get badly damaged. If you notice dripping pipes, you must get them repaired by calling emergency plumbing services Estero FL .

Clogged Drains Indicate Poor Plumbing 

The drain holes in the washroom, kitchen, terrace, and other building parts can get clogged for many reasons. If you face drain clogging frequently, it could be due to poor plumbing. You should keep changing the drain covers so that they can stop solid particles from entering the drain holes. You should consult professionals who can inspect the drain holes and lines to get the root cause of frequent drain clogging.

Constant Foul Smell from the Washroom

Have you ever observed an extremely foul smell, especially when you flush out? There should be no smell left in the washroom after flushing out. This foul smell can be caused by a broken wax seal. As it is unnoticeable, many people don’t pay special attention to this issue. The broken wax seal can create bigger plumbing problems if it is not fixed immediately.

Remember, you should conduct plumbing inspections every three months to ensure the proper plumbing system.