The History Of Crash Bandicoot Game

History Of Crash Bandicoot Game
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Crash Bandicoot is basically one of the most famous video game franchises which is currently present in the world. This world famous video game was originally developed by the Naughty Dog. This is a game which was only created for Sony’s PlayStation console. The game basically got so famous that now it has been seen in a large number of installments. These are now being created and published by a large number of developers as well as publishers on multiple platforms that are working nowadays.

Crash bandicoot on the run is a video game series that provides quite a large platform for games. This platform also includes a lot of simple games such as spin-offs in kart racing as well as some kind of simple party game genres. The main owner as well as producer of this series was Universal Interactive. The company name was later changed to Vivendi Games. In the year of 2007, the Vivendi games merged with a company known as Activision. This is the company which currently owns as well as publishes all the updates of this game. Check In-Depth Review of Injustice 2

The features of Crash Bandicoot

All the levels in this game of Crash bandicoot on the run is mostly set on the a fictitious place which is known as the Wumpa Islands. This is basically a fictitious area i.e an archipelago island that is placed near the country of Australia. This is a very interesting story line in the game. Here in the island both humans as well as mutant animals co-exist. Here all other locations in the map are common to the world map except this island that they have added.

Here the main game that is present in the game series are largely about the platformers. There are a large number kd spin-offs that are present in the different genres that are present in the game. All of this storyline has been created so that  the protagonist of this particular series can tell the story of a genetically enhanced bandicoot. This is a very special character for which the story in the game and is named as Crash Bandicoot. Here this animal or this mutant animal has a very nice as well as quiet life on the Wumpa Islands.

Here it’s life is often interrupted as well as troubled by the so-called villain in the game. It’s name is Doctor Neo Cortex. This is the man who has created the Crash bandicoot and after it he wants him dead. This is because the main character is basically a failed experiment. In nearly all the parts in the game of Crash bandicoot on the run,  the main character must defeat the Cortex. Here in this game the Crash bandicooy must also foil all the plans of the villian for the total world domination.

History of the game

In the year of 1996, Crash Bandicoot was first released. In the year of 1997, its name was changed to cortex Strikes Back. After it nearly every year or in every two years a new version of the game came in with a different name from it’s previous version. Then finally after the year of 2010, its new version didn’t cane up until 2017. It was a major gal. Now for 3 years i.e for 2019, 2020 and 2021, new versions have came up. Now in this year, the most recent version is the Crash bandicoot on the run.

The original version of the Crash Bandicoot which was released in the year of 1996 generally uses a linear structure. Here the main motto of the game for Crash was to clear through all the levels that are clearly mentioned on a map. The game also had some areas in it which were only accessible by the player while locating all the gems that they can find and acquire while playing the game.

In one of the instance, there was a series before the Crash bandicoot on the run, which was known as Cortex Strikes Back. In the particular series of the game. This is a world which is commonly called a Warp Room. This is the particular area in which they come up with a large number of different levels in the game. These are the levels that are divided up into the sets of five. Here in the game, to progress, the player should find as well as collect all the Crystals that are present within each stage of the game.

Music of the game

The music of this game is also quite famous like the game itself. There are a large number of composers that have contributed music to this world famous Crash Bandicoot series. In the early years i.e specifically the first four years, Mutato Muzika’s Josh Mancell was the cover music of the games. After the fourth version of the game, there are a large number or composers who did a great job for the music in other games.

Steve Duckworth is the man who composed the music for Crash Bash in the Crash bandicoot game. Another composer known as Andy Blythe as well as Marten Joustra basically did the music for the Wrath of Cortex.

 The music of Crash Nitro Kart was composed by Ashif Hakik and Todd Masten while Spiralmouth composed a cappella for the series of Twinsanity. In another famous series of the game known as the Tag Team Racing was mainly composed by both Spiralmouth as well as Marc Baril. Check 5 Advantages Of Rent a Car with Driver


The first four series of the Crash Bandicoot game was basically developed by Naughty Dog. Eurocom company designed the bash series while The Wrath of Cortex as well as Twinsanity was developed by Traveller’s Tales. Here one of its division was also involved which is known as Traveller’s Tales Oxford. The first five Crash titles were published. In all the original Crash Bandicoot games, it is always seen that Crash’s move-set is very limited.

In the game, he can only run, jump and spin his way through all the ill maintained environment and a large number of hostile creatures. After new versions came up, new moves were introduced and there was a lot of development in the graphic design of the game. This is a game that left a mark among nearly all the video game lovers around the world. It basically set the standard of how a video game should be.