Honor X8: A monster among smartphones


Some people like very large screens in smartphones, and many manufacturers are realizing the request for such giant devices. The first example was the legendary Sony Xperia Z Ultra , unfortunately, for many years it has not received a sequel. Among other companies, the topic of huge smartphones was most actively picked up by Xiaomi with its Mi Max series, but over time, Honor has a competitor for it – 8X Max. 

Honor X8 Display, Sound and Software:

The honor x8 phone display diagonal is 6.5 inches. It is built on the basis of a widescreen IPS-matrix with a resolution of 2340 × 1080 pixels. An additional 420 pixels in height are accounted for by the on-screen buttons and the notch bezel at the top of the screen. There are almost 400 pixels per inch and a 19.5:9 aspect ratio.

From a subjective point of view, this is a very high quality screen. It has an average margin of brightness (427 cd / m 2), but if you turn it to the maximum, then the device is absolutely comfortable to use on the street. The minimum brightness level is also worthy of special praise – it is comfortable to read e-books in the dark at night. 

Keep in mind that the Honor 8X display still has a protective film on it at the factory. There is an oleophobic coating on it, but its quality is … a four with a big minus. Plus, the material from which the film is made is not very durable – already on the second day of testing, it was not clear where a deep long scratch appeared on it exactly under the “monobrow”. Of course, this is better than nothing, but just keep in mind that it is unlikely to last long. This time, Huawei did not save on the oleophobic coating of the screen itself (there were precedents before) – it is there, it is normal, and this cannot but rejoice.

Colors in Honor X8

There are two color rendering presets in Honor 8X, as in all Huawei smartphones of the current year of release – “bright” and “normal”. By default, the smartphone operates in a bright mode, which implies a color space slightly wider than sRGB, a gamma of around 2.17 and an increased color temperature (8,000 K on average with peaks up to 9,000 K). The average DeltaE deviation for the extended Color Checker palette (grayscale + wide range of color shades) is 6.50 (with a norm of 3.00). This mode really achieves higher brightness, and colors look richer and colder than they really are.

Operating System

Honor 8X runs Android 8.1 operating system with EMUI 8.2. Huawei’s proprietary shell, as well as the design of a smartphone, can also be treated differently. But it has one absolute advantage: it is the presence of a fairly large number of additional settings in the menu. There is a fairly flexible color reproduction adjustment, and the ability to hide the “bang”, and switching between HD + and Full HD +, and a convenient phone manager, and the ability to choose sound presets for various headphones.

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Skinshot Gallery

Honor 8X itself, however, does not pretend to be a phone for lovers of high-quality audio. Yes, there is a headphone jack and aptX support, but no aptX HD. And even the Bluetooth version is only 4.2, not 5.0. Well, there is no talk of a separate audio chip. However, is it fair to scold a smartphone that costs less than 20,000 rubles for the lack of all this? In our opinion, no.

But there is an unlocking of the smartphone in the face. Without any tricky sensors and infrared illumination, of course, just on the front camera. It works quickly and fairly accurately, but the latter is only true if there is enough light. The darker it is around, the more difficult it is for the front camera to recognize the user’s face. In general, it is convenient, but there are quite a few questions about the security of this approach.

Hardware, performance and wireless communications

Taking a look at the specifications, one can easily assume that this chip is a direct competitor of Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 636. In the second case, the graphics subsystem is slightly better, but the GPU Turbo algorithm – also a proprietary feature of Huawei – reaches the level of graphics to the point where we can talk about at least fair parity.

There are no complaints about the speed of the system and the behavior of the smartphone while surfing the web, watching videos, working with documents, mail or chatting in instant messengers. Available 4 GB of RAM for the normal implementation of multitasking is absolutely enough.

At the same time, the phone does not heat up like an iron, but only becomes a little warm. There is certainly throttling: in the corresponding test, 15 minutes after its start, performance fell by 19% from the declared maximum. 

Offline work

Honor x8 has a non removable battery with a capacity of 3750 mAh. By the standards of large smartphones, the figure is slightly higher than the “average for the hospital.” If you lower the brightness below the 50% mark and forcibly limit the appetites of particularly voracious applications in the settings, then you can certainly squeeze even more out of this battery. In our traditional HD video playback test at maximum brightness, the device lasted exactly 8 hours.

There is a lot of controversy on the Internet about whether the gadget supports fast charging or not. Formally, it is not declared anywhere, but in fact, from 0 to 60% of the Honor 8X from the native adapter from the delivery set is charged in an hour, and the indicator’s path from 0 to 90% takes 95 minutes. Not a record, but fast enough. The remaining 10% is gained much more slowly – in 45 additional minutes, so it will take you 130 minutes to fully charge your smartphone. Just remember that instead of the seemingly almost ubiquitous USB Type-C Honor 8X, for some reason, it is equipped with an archaic microUSB connector.

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