How Does Detox Acupuncture Therapy Work in Murray UT?


Detox Acupuncture Therapy in Murray UT is an effective supplementary treatment that is applied globally in times of Addiction, Trauma, and Mental Health issues. It is also used in Military settings, prisons and in cancer care recovery.

Toxic substances can be found in large quantities in our bodies and the symptoms range from sleeplessness to fatigue. These symptoms signify the need for detoxification.

Detoxification to many means taking a glass of green tea or juice, however, it is more than that. Acupuncture is a more reliable detoxifying treatment that is in use in Murray UT.

Herbal Medicine (use of herbs for treatment of disease)is also effective, it can be used alongside Detox Acupuncture.

How it works

Detox Acupuncture involves the simple fixation or placement of 5 sterilized needles (disposable needles) into specific points of each ear of the client.

For 30-45 minutes the client sits individually or in a group setting.

It is safe with little or no complications.

Acupuncture is commonly practiced in detoxification.

It also reduces cravings for toxic substances as a result of the detoxification of toxins.

Afterwards, a feeling of lightness occurs and clients consume foods rich with the correct dietary plan.

Each acupoint (area of insertion of needle) has a specific function; either for mental clarity, sleep improvement or Addiction treatment.

Although the needles are long and most clients are frightened at the thoughts of the needles being inserted in their body, it’s the pain felt we must pay attention to.

The pain felt during Detox Acupuncture signifies the presence of toxins that were likely gotten from drugs and polluted water or air.

The pain felt during Detox Acupuncture will go off after the toxin release.

Clients of Detox Acupuncture Therapy in Murray UT experience what they need to at the time required, they are able to let go of stress.

Benefits Of Detox Acupuncture Therapy in Murray UT

The effective use of Detox Acupuncture Therapy for a client’s treatment produces excellent results. Some of which are;

  • Reduced craving for Nicotine, Alcohol or Drugs.
  • It leads to an increased feeling of Peace and Serenity.
  • People that have had this treatment are less agitated when they sleep thereby developing better sleep patterns.
  • People known to have received this Therapy experience less emotional trauma.

How Long Does Detox Acupuncture Take to work?

Based on Diagnosis, your specialist will recommend the number of days for therapy but Generally, after 45 minutes the client should feel relieved from their illness.

How Long Should It Take To See Results From Detox Acupuncture Therapy

The effects of Detox Acupuncturecan go on for about 3 days.

Clients may complain of fatigue as their body is adjusting to a better state.

What You Should Do After Detox Acupuncture Therapy

Take these steps to boost the recovery process;

  • Rest
  • Get a Massage
  • Exercise lightly
  • Avoid coffee, Alcohol
  • Consume healthy foods
  • Take note of the After Effects