How to Print T-shirts: Iron, Sublimation and Transfer

Print T-shirts

The new trend that is revolutionizing the clothing trade is that of personalized t-shirts. In this regard, we must point out that the sublimation technique is in charge of exclusively preparing personalized garments; With this technique you will have various printing options, you will only have to use the materials required for sublimation and the rest will be pure creativity.

It is also necessary to point out that with the sublimation technique you can also make designs such as: business uniforms or t-shirts to celebrate a special and unforgettable event. You can also print T-shirts for your family and friends, and have them adapt to the personality of each one of them. There are many professional printing services such as Prints R Us T-Shirt Printing Shop that accommodate this technique.

The possibilities offered by the sublimation technique are really multiple and infinite; With it you will also save a good amount of money, since renewing your wardrobe will be something simple and fun.

Print t-shirts in 2 steps

The sublimation technique to print t-shirts will not take much of your time, since to execute it you will only use: a sublimation printer, a transfer or also called a sublimation plate, and also sublimation paper.

The printing process in the sublimation technique contains the following process:

– To start you must choose your design; for this you can choose it from the design platforms found on the networks, and also edit it with Photoshop, Corel Draw or another similar program.

– The second step you must take is to print the chosen design with ink used for sublimation; For this step you will use an inkjet printer, as well as high-quality ink and paper, especially for sublimation.

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– Already in the third step you will transfer the image to your t-shirt; there you must apply heat and pressure with the sublimation iron, so that in this way the ink penetrates the textile fibers of your shirt.

– As a last step, you must let the shirt dry in contact with the air for 2 days; the rest you have left is to release it to look spectacular.

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Tips for a good finish on printed t-shirts

In order for you to have an excellent finish on your printed t-shirts, you must follow some tricks that experts in this type of technique have already used, and these are:

– The amount of polyester that the t-shirts must have is at least 67% (you can also use cotton, but it is not recommended) as a minimum, all this to guarantee that the print has greater durability.

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– As a suggestion, we recommend using white or pastel colors for your t-shirts as they can create the perfect contrast for your designs.

– The inks that you must use for the best performance of the sublimation technique, are those that support the highest heat. You will have the prevention of not using Dye or pigmented inks.

– We also recommend that you use a suitable program to edit images. In this way the designs you create will have higher resolution, sharpness and better color. The most used are Photoshop, CorelDraw and Illustrator

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Print cotton t-shirts

To use this sublimation technique in t-shirt printing, we do not recommend the use of cotton; This does not mean that you cannot use it for this purpose, but if you want to use it, you must use a special type of polyester-based paper, since it withstands high temperatures and great pressure; however the latter will not withstand repeated washes. Among other options that you can implement, is the technique of screen printing with a special liquid, which will add an additional layer of polyester; however, it is a much more complex technique than the previous one. For this technique you will have to dry the shirt for 2 to 3 days.

Transfer to print t-shirts

The sublimation technique, also called heat setting, is a technique that uses pressure and heat to fix the designs on your shirts. The ink in solid form will turn into gas to penetrate the shirt to be sublimated. With this technique, you can also print designs on objects made of various materials. Regarding the transfer technique, it consists of using a thin vinyl to print a design on it, which will then be transferred to your shirt.

The difference between these two techniques is that with the sublimation technique you can print designs on objects of various materials ranging from mugs, glasses to caps that do not have cotton material, with a finish that is almost imperceptible to the touch. You can only use the transfer technique on textiles such as cotton and polyester, and the finish is much less flexible, and is very noticeable to the touch.

So that you can print your t-shirts at a low cost, the transfer technique is the most recommended option, however, and as we have already mentioned in previous lines, this technique does not offer great printing durability.

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