Important Things to Consider for Your Custom Soap Boxes

custom soap boxes

The packaging of soaps has developed into many shapes and forms. Various boxes are available in the market that you can use to give better packaging facility to your soap products. Moreover, you can also label these custom soap boxes with your brand’s identity.

Here, we will explain every important thing related to the soap industry. You can pick the best packaging offer and start your journey quickly.

Types of Custom Soap Boxes

  • Small Sachets

Soup sachets are small pouches you can use to pack your soap. These are small and easy to use. You just take your soap out, use the soap and then put it again in the sachet. These are eco-friendly and user-friendly. You can order these sachets in bulk as these are easily available at cheaper rates that work like wholesale soap boxes. You can order any kind of design and print them to your brand’s identity in the form of a logo and details.

On the other hand, these sachets are also designed for one-time use. Generally, small hand washing soaps, powder, and gels are packed in these sachets. 

  • Cartoons

Cartoons are useful for bulk packaging. People use cartoons to transport their soaps from one place to another. Papers are key elements used in preparing boxes and cartoons but thin papers are mostly preferred for manufacturing cartoons.

People prefer two types of cartoons– folding and rigid cartoons.  The first one is just a single sheet that you can use to pack various soap boxes wholesale in one packet. This sheet may be paperboard, corrugated board, fiberboard, or kraft paper.

  • Poly Packs

These are like cartoons but in different sizes and shapes according to the demand of people. Polythene or plastic sheets are key parts for preparing these packs. You can also take it as a tertiary level of packaging because it stores different luxury soap packaging boxes and cartoons to ship from one point to other.

  • Plastic Bottles

Nowadays, soap is transforming its shape from solid to liquid form because people like to use gels. Therefore, plastic bottles are more popular in the market compared to classical soap boxes. Low density or high-density plastic are the key elements for preparing plastic bottles. 

How You Label Soap For Packaging

Labeling a soap means giving it a name or connection to a brand. Therefore, you need to prepare the data and plan carefully to put your brand’s identity in custom soap boxes.

Here is the list of key steps that you can follow to label your soap products.

  • Give a Statement of Identity

First, add the identity statement. The identity statement should include the word “soap,” but you can revise it if you like. The identification statement should be in bold and displayed prominently on the label. It will help your customers know exactly what they are getting.

  • Quantity and Quality

Ingredient lists are not really required on soap labels, but consumers today know what they use in their homes and bodies. If you want to show transparency to your customers, list the ingredients on the soap label.

Traditionally, the list of ingredients is located to the right of the main display panel. Components must be in order from heaviest to lightest, even if the lightest component is the main one. Always use the common or correct ingredient name so that there is no doubt about what is in your product.

  • Name and Address of Business

Lastly, add the name and address of your product manufacturer. This will be your address if you manufacture, package, and distribute your product alone. This information should not be explicit as a statement of identity or net weight; You can place this information on the left, right, or back of the label. Contact information is not necessary, however, include a phone number or email address so that your customers have a chance to tell you how great your product is!

Why Cardboard is the Best Packaging Material for Soap

  • It is the best material for making soap boxes wholesale
  • This paper is affordable and easily accessible to all
  • You can easily customize them with well-applied beautification
  • The customized nature of these materials has good marketing capability


While we’ve touched on the information you should include on Soap Boxes Wholesale label, it’s up to you to make the label interesting and unique. Share an abstract about your business mission, write a few lines about the power of fragrance, and include a stunning graphic design—or all three! For an eye-catching design, consider learning color theory or using metallic labels.