Pace Innovations and ClickStraw

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Pace Innovations is a company that strives to innovate in order to meet the changing needs of today’s generation. They bring Brands and Products online(They have good standings on Instagram(@pace_innovations), with the aim of shaping today while also bringing creativity into tomorrow through innovation – The goal is to embrace change as an opportunity at all times! 

With a close working relationship, they are able to provide the best representation for each brand by understanding what customers want and need from them. Their diverse experience in various industries helped guide how much time spent on marketing or negotiations is needed so that brands can achieve success quickly but also maintain it over long periods through good connections with clients who feel valued by the company’s products/services

The distributors aren’t just selling goods – They represent companies at all stages of development: new startups needing help getting off their feet; established businesses looking into expansion options abroad (or even just across state lines).

Why ClickStraw?

ClickStraw is the first one-piece Straw that opens! Through its innovative and patented design, Clickstraws open wide and allow no food or drink residue to remain stuck inside of it. Just rinse under water or place it in the cutlery box of your dishwasher. 100% clean, even without any brush!

Pace Innovations will not only innovate but will always think about an eco-friendly and sustainable approach. Having been impressed by the push-to-open mechanism and knowing the problem faced by their respective market towards cleanliness of reusable straws, they were quick to represent ClickStraw in their territory. They are hopeful that households but also certain hotels, restaurants and, bars will adapt towards a more sustainable and long-term vision.

Reasons To Choose ClickStraw?

  1. Think about the Future

The only way can only be multi-way! The best drinking straw never ends up in the trash! Just as lunch boxes or Tupperware are sustainable, so are reusable drinking straws. But conventional reusable drinking straws have major disadvantages! Glass straws, for example, are not shatterproof. Especially in the hands of children, glass straws can quickly break on table edges and thus become pointed and sharp-edged tools with a high potential for injury. Metal straws, similar to glass, are also very hard and uncomfortable to use. These materials also transfer the beverage temperature. This is uncomfortable with very hot or very cold drinks.

  1. The Cleaning Problem

By far the most important reason that currently speaks against reusable drinking straws is the cleaning problem! Although you can put straws made of glass and metal in the dishwasher, there is always a risk that fruit pulp, pieces of chocolate or other residue will get caught in the straw. Our tests have shown that drinking straws that are only 7 cm high are cleaned effectively in the dishwasher. Anything beyond that will not get clean! The small size of the straws makes cleaning difficult. The expert speaks here of the flush shadow!  

  1. Our Responsibility

The ClickStraw is made of pure TPE. This is not only particularly resistant and ensures that your ClickStraw will have a long life, but it can also be easily recycled. In order for this to happen, we take back every ClickStraw and ensure that it gets a new life!

  1. Less Germs

Our tests have shown that ClickStraw reusable straws have fewer germs than straws made of glass, metal or bamboo – and that after washing in the dishwasher!

  1. ClickStraw For The Gastronomy 

Sustainably oriented restaurateurs cannot avoid reusable solutions. The high time pressure in gastronomy bites with the additional effort of conventional straws. After the rinse cycle, having a worker who only cleans drinking straws is uneconomical. Disposable solutions like bamboo, pasta or apples rot even if they are unused in the cupboard. With organic materials, of course! And which restaurateur wants to pay attention to the best before the date of his drinking straw or offer his guests moldy drinking straws?

That’s why conventional reusable straws also come with a brush, which ironically in many cases is also plastic and has its own (usually very short) lifespan. Then there is garbage again!

Each straw has to be brushed and checked individually after the rinse cycle – who has time for that?

With ClickStraw, that’s a thing of the past. As little effort as disposable, as sustainable as reusable!

  1. We are different than what is on the market

How to order?

They are here to revolutionize the e-commerce space and allow buyers to relish online shopping. There will be three methods of payment namely Cash On Pickup, Bank transfers and Online payments. Individuals can either do pick-ups at specific locations or pay for their delivery service. They are not the typical physical store and will operate fully online. Pace Innovations is hopeful about aspiring the change they will bring.