Secrets To Capturing Real Moments and Emotions In Your Wedding Photography


Avoid “playing the camera” on your wedding day and find the real moments instead. Because you’ll get real moments of genuine, natural interaction, and you’ll create wonderful memories. Big pictures.

Tell “stories” with pictures. More than just “taking pictures”, people are turning from taking pictures for love to becoming memoryfilming photographers. When I get into wedding photography, I usually look around and ask, “Okay, what kind of pictures should I take?” Then they see what other wedding photographers are doing. They also work.

(So ​​you see the same photos from photographer to photographer).

But the result is a collection of random wedding photos.

When one image is placed over another, the emotional impact is amplified, adding depth and layers to the story.

You see, there is a difference between taking a picture and talking with a picture. A series of pictures that tell a story, filling in the moments between the big moments – tell us more about what happened, how it happened, who people are and how they feel. They show us how to act and react. Cause and effect. There is nothing wrong with that, the storytelling sequence tells a lot about the story rather than just describing the events. Your marriage is not just one story, but a collection of many stories. They’re stories within stories: There’s definitely a story about you and your new spouse. But so is your mother and so is your story. The story of you and your father. The story of saying goodbye to family forever, the story of starting a new home, the story of you and your best friends.. Your wedding day, in one place, at one time, this is your story. This [1] Life [2] Storytelling Photos [3] Transfer these stories and anecdotes to your wedding album, present them in story form – and let them evoke your rich, rich memories. It’s a marriage because every time I look at their album, I make stories. Other wedding album photos.

A particular photography requires a particular photographer. 

Your photographer’s empathy goes a long way in getting those fun photos at your wedding. The camera doesn’t know what picture to take. It definitely depends on the photographer. Some photographers routinely use “drop lists.” They can take all day for these photos. These ideas can be based on what the studio wants to sell (eg, “cling champagne glasses and smiling for the camera”). Or it can be based on how the photographer envisions your wedding. Their “fake” moment is not your “real” wedding moment.

Pre-planned and organized, these shots are not based on what happened at your wedding. You want to photograph weddings.

Otherwise, they are not realistic possibilities. Only true memories, meaning and emotion are attached to them.

So, instead of using a predetermined list, you’ve found a photographer ready to document your wedding. Be afraid! This is a good start.

But now… isn’t “this” picture the reason the photographer took “his” picture?

I find that the best, most meaningful and wonderful wedding photos are taken when the photographer’s “trigger finger” is directly on the heart. A photographer’s emotional chemistry dictates when to document a particular moment. It’s like second nature. It happens.

They don’t even have to think twice about it. Here’s an example of what I mean:

Be the #1 photographer at your wedding. She is single, has no children, and her greatest joy in life is partying.

Now understand that I’m not making any judgments here…someone’s “chemistry” is in the pictures.

This photographer has a special love for party photos. It’s just them, wired.

 What is marriage to them?

Now the other photographer has children, maybe he lost his parents. They may be more sensitive to the child/parent relationship. For them, marriage is a family dynamic.

Being different people, isn’t it correct to say that two photographers have different perspectives on life? Both photographers are from the same party. Sometimes people dance and daddy comes to you. Tears began to flow down her cheeks.

He knows it’s time to go. It is in his heart and mind. His “little girl” leaves to start a new life. He feels it. He hugs her close. Not a single word has changed. Another photographer spies her and knows she needs to document her love.