Sharpening & Maintaining Your Kitchen Cutting Tools

cutting tools for kitchen

Knives are an essential part of every kitchen, but they also present some unique challenges and safety risks when they need to be properly maintained or sharpened.

The simplest way to keep your knives and other cutting tools sharp are to purchase a whetstone. A whetstone is a rectangular block that sharpens your knives as you slide them over the edge.

Knife Sharpener

Your kitchen knives are one of your most important cutting tools for kitchen, so it’s essential to sharpen them regularly. This helps keep them in good shape and allows you to use them to their full potential.

A dull blade is hard to cut, making your job a lot more difficult. So, before you rip your favorite tomatoes apart or squash a tender piece of meat, sharpen them up.

Our manual knife sharpeners are simple to use and quick to restore your blade’s edge. Plug them into a wall outlet, turn them on, and insert your knife.

The process involves running the knife lengthwise across the sharpening stone from tip to heel and applying slight pressure. You’ll want to make 3 or 4 passes.


A whetstone is a tool for sharpening knife blades and other kitchen cutting tools. It can be used with oil or water, depending on your stone.

To use a whetstone, put the end of the blade with the handle facing away from you and lay it across the stone’s surface at about a 15- or 20-degree angle. Gently push the blade across the stone, maintaining that angle and pushing it with your fingers.

Flip the knife over and repeat this process on the other side until both sides of the blade are sharp. Test the blade by cutting a piece of paper to ensure it slices easily.

Most knives require more than one grit of stone for effective sharpening. Start with a coarse grit stone, then move to the finer ones as necessary. You should also rotate your whetstone regularly.

Electric Sharpener

The Electric Sharpener is the fastest, easiest way to resharpen dull kitchen knives. Most electric models have preset sharpening angles, which make the sharpening process simple and fast.

They also typically come in various grits, meaning you can sharpen a knife to a coarser, medium, or fine edge. Depending on the sharpener, some are programmed to work on specific blade types like ceramic or Japanese-style knives, while others can sharpen several different sizes and shapes of knives.

Some electric sharpeners can also sharpen other tools, such as shears or screwdrivers. They usually come with receptacles to collect the built-up metal shavings from the knives, which you will need to empty once or twice a year.

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