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Listening to different pop artists, you can find that each of them sounds different. The fact is that, according to, in addition to their own vocal timbre, they use different vocal stylistic devices. Although everyone works in the pop genre. In this article we will look at what pop music is and under the influence of what factors it is formed. Thanks to this, you will understand how to make vocal skills more popular.

If you try to explore pop music, you can find different descriptions and definitions of it. Wikipedia, for example, describes pop music as a “descendant” of vaudeville, folk song, and art song. At the same time, it includes various modern musical styles. It also removes the complexity of the original forms of music, making it easier for listeners to understand.

On the other hand, pop music is sometimes associated with the pop art movement, i.e. a rather revolutionary, young movement driven by art and culture combined with current social movements. So really, artists in this genre should draw more attention to themselves by coming up with something new and surprising with the unexpected.

It really doesn’t matter what approach you end up using to create your own vocal and musical style. There are many role models, you just have to choose the one that is most suitable for you.

There is no doubt that pop music always reflects modern trends in one way or another. It can be, for example, a musically anchored trend that is expressed in currently popular chord progressions, sounds, song structures, and certain types of singers and voice sounds, and thus strikes a chord with the current habits of the listener. It might as well be trendy themes for a very specific target group, which are conveyed through the lyrics and the appropriate attitude of the pop artist.

While Lea sang her song Leiser (about the first unhappy and unhealthy love) specifically for many teenage girls, Dua Lipa deliberately focuses on the theme of parties in her songs and videos. Apache 207 achieves a completely different target group and statement solely through its articulation, combined with certain slang such as “Brudi”. Although his music is just as danceable and catchy. According to online mixing and mastering, if you want to make a name for yourself in pop music with your mixing looks, the most spectacular and ridiculous outfits are definitely for you. Like, for example, Lady Gaga, who shone in a dress made of raw beef. However, it is important that wearing such a wardrobe does not lose your personal attitude to music and to what you sing about.

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If you listen to any pop song, you will notice that there is something very catchy about each of them. It’s either a synth part that immediately catches your eye, or a catchy guitar groove. But above all they all have a very catchy vocal melody in the chorus or chorus. What does a typical pop voice sound like? If you carefully listen to various performers, you can distinguish the following sound characteristics: vibrato, hoarse singing, distortion, nasality, belting and others. All of this you can practice to find the sound that best suits you and your songs.

So what makes pop music good? This is a question to which everyone must find their own answer. It’s up to you to decide what kind of music or voice he wants to embody. For each option, there are good role models from which you can learn a lot for yourself.