Spilled Ice-Cream on Sofa?

Spilled Ice-Cream on Sofa
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The sofa in your living room really makes the room look really beautiful because the color of your sofa goes just right with the wall paint color. Sofas really make the indoor spaces lively and pleasant. Good aesthetic appeal directly gives you psychological peace and calm.

Although if the sofa gets dull or stained then it’s just the opposite story, instead of bringing peace and comfort and pleasant visual appeal, the stained sofa stresses you out and instead of making you feel better when you are exhausted, it makes you feel worse.

So what is the solution? Is there some magic wand that can make the sofa dirt and stain proof? Unfortunately, no such magic wand exists. So? Well, you could try and make sure you don’t let your sofa get dirty and stained in the first place. Now you could take the maximum precautions and yet accidents are inevitable! It’s okay, if the stain occurs, do not panic. Just take action right away. In this blog, we tell you how to take care of stains, ice-cream stains in particular.

What would you need to clean the stain of ice-cream?

Take all the things you usually clean the carpet. Then take:

A spoon

Dish soap liquid

Old toothbrush

Club soda


Non gel shaving cream

Now first of all, using a spoon, remove the ice cream from the surface as much as you can, do so gently without making it worse. Soak a clean piece of cloth with club soda and water and use it to rinse the ice cream from the surface. Now blot the area with a piece of a dry clean cloth. Now make a solution with a little bit of dish soap liquid and a cup full of water, apply this solution to the affected area and gently scrub it with an old toothbrush. Again, blot the area with clean and dry cloth. If you don’t want to use dish soap liquid, you can use shaving cream in its place in the same way. Now if none of this works because the stain is too stubborn, it is time for ammonia. Take 0.5 tablespoon of ammonia and mix it with 1 full cup of water and use this solution to clean the affected area. Although, first test a really small area to check if the sofa faces discoloration. If it’s safe then use the solution and then wipe it away with a clean dry piece of cloth.

These methods usually work, although some residue of the ice cream spill or the moisture from cleaning methods might get left behind because of the lack of experience in such stain treatments. In which case, we always advise you to get professional upholstery cleaning in Ringwood. Professional cleaning service providers have experience and expertise and they make sure to clean your sofa properly.