The Benefits You Can Get When Staying in At A Hotel


When someone asks a question about travel rights, they are usually asking about their rights as airline passengers, not as hotel guests. This happens because air passengers have more rights, most of which are guaranteed by government regulations and aviation contracts.

In fact, you will spend more time in hotels, resorts, or other rental accommodations than on planes. So, as a hotel guest who will stay at Village Hotel Katong or other hotels, what rights or benefits do you get?

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The Benefits You Can Get As Hotel Guests

  1. The right to get a room according to the order

If you have reserved a room, then when you arrive, the hotel must provide the room. If the type of room you choose is not available, the hotel will still have to provide the room even though the room type is more expensive than what you ordered. However, there are times when all the rooms on the day you check-in are full and the hotel can’t simply provide a room for you.

You could argue the issue and sue the hotel for a room. However, of course, this does not solve the problem. Instead of wasting time, it’s better to ask the hotel to pay for your accommodation elsewhere, in addition to making sure the hotel pays the transportation fee for transfer to another hotel.

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  1. Not Matching Ads

There are cases when the photos or details of the facilities displayed on the hotel’s official website do not match those on the ground. When this happens, here is the solution:

  • If the problem is minor and you still intend to stay at the hotel, ask the hotel staff to fix the problem or move you to another room. If that’s not possible, the hotel can also adjust your room rate or provide some free goods or services.
  • If the problem is severe enough to make your stay uncomfortable, ask the hotel to resolve the issue within 24 hours or to find alternative accommodation. Don’t let this situation go on for days.
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  • If the hotel cannot or does not immediately fix the problem, leave the place, do not stay more than one night. Ask the hotel to process the refund, and find another hotel.
  1. Safety and Security

Most hotels operate to the same standards, which means they are legally required to provide a safe environment, appropriate lighting, security, and more. However, existing laws regarding a hotel’s liability for your personal belongings can be a bit confusing, like many states that if a hotel provides safe storage, they are not responsible for the theft that occurs in your room.

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  1. Disability Guests

Many hotels, both in developed and developing countries, comply with the rules regarding provisions for disabled travelers. However, vacation rentals and other non-traditional accommodations are not required to comply with similar standards, so if you have special needs or a disability, make sure the accommodation you choose has the desired amenities.

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So, those are some of the rights that you can get as a guest staying at the hotel. Not only when you stay at Singapore convention hotels, but you can also of course get this right at all the hotels you visit.

If you are planning a vacation and will stay at a hotel, don’t forget to remember your rights as a hotel guest, OK?

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