The Common Side Effects of Radiotherapy and the Helpful Solutions


Radiotherapy is also known as cancer therapy which is used for the treatment for the cancer. This therapy is most effective to kill the cancer cells and remove tumors from the body. Apart from that, this therapy can cause damage to our healthy cells for temporary that’s why peoples can experience various type side effects on their body.

Many of patients have experience many type of different issues from this therapy. The side effects depend on the doses, therapy type and others types of factors. I have find some common side effects of Radiotherapy and the helpful solutions are available.


Many of the patients had experience fatigue during the treatment time. The fatigue level depends on the treatment plan you have selected. For example, many of patients adopt both types of treatment like radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

It’s important to takes rest when you have undertaking radiotherapy and chemotherapy treatment. Ensure you to not too far from the chair and not take a journey. It’s good if you relax your mind and body before and after the treatment. You can also start moderate exercise or natural exercise to increase the energy level of your body.

Skin Changes

Many of patients have experienced many types of skin changes from their body like peeling, dryness, blistering and itching. But these skin changes are disappeared after few week of the treatment. If these changes are not disappeared according to the time then consult with the doctor regarding this. Doctor helps you to choose the right lotion according to your skin type which can help to overcome these skin changes. Apart from that, the skin lotion also provide shield which can protect your skin from the sun UV rays.

Head and Neck Side Effects

The side effects depend on the body location for the radiotherapy treatment. For example, the patients with throat cancer have experience a swallowing difficulty. This can make eating and drinking difficult for the patients who suffering this type of cancer. You can use some instant food thickeners to make the everyday activity much easier and help you to take your meal & drink safely.

Other types of head and neck side effects are nausea, dry mouth, jaw stiffness, hair loss, and swelling, tooth decay, mouth sores. A good care can help to overcome these types of symptoms. It’s important to schedule the appointment with the dentist, hair surgeon’s doctors if you experience these types of issues during the treatment. 

Chest Side Effects

Many of patients feel swallowing difficulties after the radiotherapy treatment which you can overcome with instant food thicker tool. Apart from that, many of patients have experience shortness of the breath, breast soreness, shoulder-stiffness, cough and chest-fullness.

You can consult with the doctor regarding these types of symptoms so doctor can prescribe you a soothing moisturizing cream or medication which can help to ease the pain from these effects.

Stomach & Abdomen Side Effects

Patients who have received the radiotherapy on their near stomach or abdomen feel issues like Bowel cramping, Nausea, Vomiting and Diarrhea. If you feel these types of issues then doctors will help you to manage them from these changes.

Apart from that, if you change your eating habits or do some change on your diet like eating a small bites, meals or chewing gums that can also effective to decrease the symptoms of this issue.

Feeling Sick

Some patients find their self feel sick with the radiotherapy treatment. They feel vomiting and nausea during the treatment. The treatment area near the brain or stomach then the sickness level is high. Sickness can be controlled once the treatment is finished. You can also take some anti-sickness medication to relief from the vomiting and nausea.

It’s important to consult with the doctors if you feeling nausea and vomiting after the treatment. Doctors can prescribe some anti-sickness medication or change the drugs you are taking. Doctor also guide you when is the right time to take the medication. The drugs are effective when you take it regularly or take before the feeling sick.

Hair Loss

Radiotherapy can cause hair loss between the patients. Patient has loosed their hair where the radiotherapy beam is leaves. You can consult with the radiographer regarding your hair loss.

Generally, the hair loss starts from the 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment and stop after the treatment. These hairs are growing back after the treatment but sometime the color & the structure of the hairs are different from the previous hairs color. It may take few months to get back the real color and texture of your hair.


Everyone patients has experienced different side effect after the treatment of this radiotherapy. These side effects can start after 2 to 3 weeks after the treatment. You can consult with the doctor regarding any type side effect.

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