Top Services for Renting Movies on the Web


Renting movies online is a great way to spend quality time with your loved ones while enjoying great entertainment options today. Listed below are some of the top movie rental services, which are available online. These selections are determined based on their viewing quality, accessibility, and overall selection.

Top Services for Renting Movies on the Web

Some options are as follows:

Option #1- Amazon Prime Video

Amazon is known to provide a diverse range and that applies to Amazon Prime as well, which too provides its viewers a large variety of entertainment options to choose from. If the viewer is a member and holds Prime Membership, then they can enjoy the Prime Video Collection, which holds thousands of titles for easy viewing. However, some recent releases can only be viewed after paying a minimal rental fee to the rental service. The best part is that Amazon Prime Video gives its member the option to choose whether they want to rent a movie in HD/SD format, or purchase the movie so that it’s permanently stored in their Amazon library.

However, if members opt for the renting option, then they need to view the media file within a time frame of 24 hours. The visual quality of all media files is very high and goes up to 1080 p with enhanced audio due to the 5.1 multi-channel sound. Most HD video files require high-speed internet, that’s why viewers are always recommended to check if their selected speed tier will be able to run the video without any buffering. If so, then they might need to contact their internet provider to assess their service technicalities.

Fortunately, most streaming devices support Amazon, so viewing it might not be much of an issue. So whether viewers choose an app or choose to view it on their desktop browser, Amazon ensures that you are never disappointed.

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Option #2- Apple TV

Apple TV is another service that can be used to access movies for permanent download or on a rental basis. Even though Apple TV has a smaller library in comparison to the giant e-commerce Amazon, viewers will still be able to find a great selection of movies, music, docu-series, and TV shows. In addition to this, Apple TV regularly features original media content that is quite popular among the media-savvy generation of today. However, to enjoy that service, viewers may have to pay a nominal fee for a subscription, which they can either buy via Apple One, or on an individual basis.

Apple One is a package service, where the consumer is also using other Apple-related services that include Apple Fitness+, Apple Music, to name a few. Apple TV’s viewing quality is great as its rentals play only the highest resolution available, which is 4K, 480p, and 1080p. This is why Apple’s prices are on the higher-end as the rental company is constantly striving to be the best. Its clean and easy-to-use design platform is similar to other Apple products so that viewer is already comfortable with the service. When it comes to viewing, it’s best to use Apple TV on Apple devices as the results are no less than phenomenal, when all kinds of media content are viewed on Apple products.

Option #3- YouTube Movies

YouTube Movies are a relatively new option in this category. To enjoy YouTube Movies, viewers simply need to open YouTube and click on Movies & Shows, which is on the left side of the homepage. The viewer will then be able to see all the different movie categories that are available for viewers. These include new movie releases, hot deals, etc. however, the search interface is still quite basic, so unless a viewer does know the title of the movie, they will experience a bit of trouble searching it.

On the other hand, multiple options are available in video resolution, so viewers can easily stream and watch HD media content. Viewers can also rent a movie from YouTube, which they have to watch within 48 hours, after which it will disappear from the rental queue on the website. On a side note, if a viewer is using Chromecast, then watching YouTube on TV becomes easy.

Option #4- Fandango

Fandango is an eclectic option in this list and is ideal if you are searching for an obscure, relatively not that popular movie title from contemporary choices or even ages ago. In addition to its massive library, viewers also have the option to view recent releases and home premieres. What’s more is that Fandango helps viewers with showtimes that are currently playing in theatres near you, while also giving viewers the option to purchase tickets for the matinee show.

Despite being unconventional in its approach, there are several viewing options, which depend on the quality most compatible with the device. For instance, if a viewer has a device that allows fantastic results for 4K, then they can rent and play the film of 4K. Hence, the viewing quality is quite decent in comparison to others. However, there’s an annual subscription on this service, so viewers are free to watch whatever they want. Unfortunately, this service is limited to the U.S. territory and is not limited to other regions.

Wrapping Up

There you have it, some of the top services for renting movies on the web, that ensure that a viewer has a good time watching the best in media and entertainment without any worry or hassle. Just be sure to access these websites with a good internet connection so you can have a seamless viewing experience. BuyTVInternetPhone offers the best internet plans to millions of people in the U.S. so they can enjoy an uninterrupted experience.

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