What Is Facebook? Is Using Facebook Safe?

Facebook Safe

Facebook is a widely used social media network. It is one of the oldest social media platforms and is currently used by millions of users. It was invented by Mark Zuckerberg and his classmates when he was a computer science student at Harvard University. Facebook makes it easy to contact anyone worldwide, whether they are family or friends.

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Why should you consider Facebook?

Many other social media platforms compete with Facebook, so why use it? Because Facebook is one of the oldest social networking sites and can be trusted as millions of people, use it. Apart from this, FB provides exciting features like sharing photos and posts with family and friends online. This application’s user interface is straightforward and sober; anyone can understand how to use Facebook. Signing up is another reason why you should prefer it. One can make an account effortlessly with an email address or mobile number.  

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Is Facebook safe? 

If you are thinking about making an account on Facebook, the first thing that comes to mind is the security of Facebook. Listening to the news of data thief, information leaking, privacy being stolen, etc., raise questions about the safety of Facebook. Well, let’s find out.

Yes, it is very safe to use Facebook; it has a built-in security system regularly maintained by the computer experts to keep you and your data safe and sound. Facebook provides us with many security options to ensure users’ safety, such as; to log into a Facebook account user must need a user ID and password in order to access any account. Facebook suggests you use passwords that are harder to guess so that no one other than you can log into your account.

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  • Two factor-authentications: – it is additional security provided by Facebook to protect your account in addition to your password. Enabling two-factor authentications will change your pattern of logging in. Whenever a user tries to log in with their account using an ID and password, it will ask for an additional security code known as OTP (One time password). User will receive OTP to your registered email ID or phone number. In order to log in, you have to submit the OTP. 
  • Ad Block: – Some web browsers contain many ads that can be very attractive, for example, “Lottery” or “buy Facebook likes on your profile” these advertisements often attract users and can be dangerous to their privacy. The Facebook ad-block algorithm detects these harmful advertisements and blocks them before the User even see them.

3 harmful risks that a user must know

  1. Fake likes and comments

Buying fake likes and comments is the most common thing on Facebook. People seek attention and try to do something unique such as buying Facebook likes and comments. A lot of like on their FB profile may help them look fabulous or famous, but it also comes with many privacy risks and data leakage theft. While buying likes and comments, the User often gives full access to their account to the person who sells those likes and comments. The seller can use their performance according to their will. There are many cases of data leakages while buying likes and comments from an anonymous buyer. Users should not use face likes and comments in order to be safe against these thefts.

  1. Phishing 

Phishing is one of the most common and widely used techniques by hackers to get the personal information of Facebook users. Hackers mainly send links through emails or text messages to the users; those emails or texts look like they are from FB and ask for personal information like an email address or passwords. Never reply to those emails or texts; the User must delete them instantly. However, Facebook will never ask its User for personal information. This is a critical piece of information. What happens if someone clicks on those links and sends details?

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First and foremost, Link will transfer the complete copy of your data to the hacker. Hackers can access each and everything you have on your account. This will lead to data leakage and theft.

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  1. Third-party software

Beware of third-party applications or websites you access on your mobile or web browsers with a Facebook login. Mostly every third-party website or application asks for permission for storage, images, and other data. People generally allow permissions to applications and websites even if they do not need them. These third-party apps try to read the data on your devices and can leak your personal details. Before giving permissions to any application, please make certain that they are not using your storage permission. 

Facebook is a website to socialize with family and friends, even if they are in the other corner of the world. One can easily access Facebook with the help of the internet. FB users can also use antivirus and anti-spyware software to protect a person’s privacy.

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