Why Should You Check Walkability of Rental Apartments?

Walkability of Rental Apartments

When renting a place to live, the major focus of most people is on the quality of the living space, as well as its structure, design, outlook, in-apartment facilities, and amenities. Apart from checking the security and safety of the area, not many people pay more attention to the neighborhood until the life inside the apartment is ideal. However, checking the walkability score is important.

What is a Walkability Score?

The walkability score of an apartment complex or apartment unit means the walking distance of the place from amenities like stores, commercial areas, parks, and other entertainment areas. It means that you should be able to take care of most errands while taking a walk instead of needing a ride. A higher score can prove handy in numerous ways.

Dig deeper into this article to learn in detail why you should check the walkability of the rental apartments before finalizing your pick.

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Top 7 Reasons to Consider Walkability of Rental Apartments

If you think that you own a car, motorbike, or even a cycle, and that is enough to help you run all the errands, you are mistaken. It might seem suitable for now; however, with the passage of time, it will become the biggest hassle of your life. There are numerous reasons as well as benefits of opting for living places with higher walkability scores.

Here are some of the major reasons you should be considering the walkability score before renting apartments.

1. Maximize Convenience

The first and foremost reason to check the walkability score of your rental apartment is to maximize your convenience. The score will help you find if there are grocery stores, dining areas, utilities, and entertainment areas within walking distance. If yes, it will reduce half the hassle of your life. This is why more people are interested in exploring and opting for apartments for rent in the Jumeirah village circle, as they can enjoy convenience due to higher walkability scores.

2. Opportunity to Exercise

A significant majority of people give up on healthy habits like exercising and visiting parks because they are quite far from their place. If you are eager about taking a morning walk and exercising regularly, checking the walkability score of your rental property is more than necessary. The walking distance to the park and gym will motivate you to resume your exercise schedule.

3. Cost-Efficient

One of the most crucial reasons you should check the walkability of rental apartments is that it can help you save costs. If you have all the facilities within walking distance from your apartment, you will not have to resort to means like getting your vehicle on the road, using public transport, or even opting for home delivery, which will save your cost and budget significantly.

4. Helps save Environment

Another critical reason to check the walkability score of rental properties before finalizing your choice is that it can help you save the environment. If the apartment has a higher score, it means that every facility will be at a walking distance from your place. You will be saving the environment by not using fuel or public transport, which is quite commendable.

5. Socialization Opportunities

If you are a social beast who is always on the lookout for socialization opportunities, it is enough of a reason for you to check the walkability score of your rental apartments. A higher score means you and other people living in the apartment building will frequently be walking in the area for various needs. It will be the perfect opportunity to get to know your neighbors and strike a conversation with them now and then.

6. Access to Public Transport

If you prefer using public transport as compared to the personal one, it is an all the more reason to check and ensure a higher walkability score of your apartment. It will necessarily add a whole lot of comfort to your life as you will not have to take a long walk to reach your stop and will not be worried about missing your bus. It will also reduce the worry of walking home alone at night, as there will be other people walking beside you.

7. Ensures Security

The last reason you should check the walkability score before finalizing the apartment you want to rent is that it ensures safety. If an area has a high score, it means that people ditch motorbikes and vehicles for commuting and prefer walking, which they would never do in a dangerous area. If you are also looking for such a guarantee, you can explore apartments for rent in Jumeirah village circle and ensure to enjoy higher walkability, as well as security.

Are you on the lookout for apartments with higher walkability scores?

If yes, Jumeirah village circle is the best place which has all the amenities and facilities within walking distance. Without wasting any time or waiting anymore, contact professional real estate dealers and explore the best apartment units on the market.