A Simple Guide to Reinventing Your Sense of Style

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For some people, it is entirely irrelevant if the jumper they are wearing is a decade old or more and that their jeans are now so baggy that they have to be held up with a belt, as clothing and style are not their priority.

However, conversely, if you are someone who wants to start expressing themselves through their clothing and are looking for ideas and inspiration to reinvent and revamp your wardrobe, then you clicked on the right article.

Here is a simple guide to reinventing your sense of style.

Take a Break from Social Media

If you need social media for your business, or else you cannot imagine not spending a couple of hours scrolling on your Facebook page, then instead of taking a break, you could choose to minimize daily usage.

Social media, although an excellent and affordable form of communication with family members and friends alike, can have an exceedingly detrimental impact on a person’s self-image. Often, the photographs uploaded to the site have been drastically airbrushed and this promotes negative feelings and even behaviours in most people when they compare themselves to a fake image.

Instead, use the internet to browse clothing stores, fashion blogs, and online magazines to gather inspiration for how you would like to start dressing and the types of materials, styles, items, and accessories you want to incorporate into your new look.

Try Before You Buy

Whether you have a large budget for restocking your wardrobe, or else you can only justify investing in a few, new key pieces, remember that it is perfectly acceptable and expected for customers to buy more clothes than they intend on buying and to send the rejected items back.

Search online for fabulously flattering and sexy dresses from a plus size boutique and order five or six different styles and colours, before trying them on in the comfort of your own home and learning which styles you feel confident and stylish in. Visit the shopping mall too and make an effort to try things on, rather than just holding them up to your body in the nearest in-store mirror.

Listen to Your Instincts

The third and overwhelmingly most important aspect of reinventing your style and going on to make bolder and more fashionable clothing choices is to listen to your instincts, rather than what the on-trend designers in the fashion world want you to be interested in.

Let yourself be drawn to colours and fabrics which you have never been brave enough to try in the past and cuts of tops that you previously would have shied away from. Remember, as well, that when you head out for the first time in a new outfit, even if you feel self-conscious that you are standing out and people are looking at you, it is a proven fact that everyone is concentrating on their self-image and are not out to criticise you. So, reinvent your style and enjoy every moment of it.