Best PC Cases Recommended by PC Power Up

Best PC Cases Recommended by PC Power Up

The case is not the most important part of the computer, it can have any design, but it must be functional. It should house a video card, motherboard and other components. When choosing a case for a gaming computer, parameters such as material of manufacture, dimensions, type of cooling system, the principle of fastening structural elements, and only then appearance are taken into account. PC Power Up will allow you to select the Best PC Case model with a high-quality heat sink and suitable dimensions.

How to Choose a Good Computer Case?

We will not review or compare all the models available on the market. Instead, here are the highlights for those buyers who don’t know how to choose a case for their computer:

Form Factor – Motherboard form factor is a defining parameter that indicates the standard and purpose of the assembly. Conventionally, all PC cases can be divided into several classes: ATX, Micro-ATX, and Mini-ITX. EATX and XL-ATX are also found, but they are not in demand among ordinary buyers.

Appearance – It is actually a subjective issue. What’s really important is the presence of modern ports on the front, including headphone / microphone and USB.

Cooling system –¬†even 5 factory fans do not guarantee effective heat dissipation, so you need to pay attention also to the material, ventilation scheme, and the possibility of using cooling systems.

Fractal Design Define 7:-

This case looks a lot like the excellent Fractal Design Define and is another dual-system option. There is enough room for the components to work. Offers a Nexus + 2 PWM fan hub, excellent cable management, a separate port for adding fluid to the cooling system, and a vented top panel.

Phanteks Evolv:-

A cheaper case from Phanteks is coming to replace Evolv ATX and supports motherboards in E-ATX, ATX, Micro-ATX, Mini-ITX formats. It is also possible to install two systems thanks to the optional ITX Upgrade Kit. True, then you need a Phanteks Revolt X power supply. It offers the highest convenience in cable routing, a well-thought-out fan hub design and support for nineteen drives. Last year’s case winner in its category is affordable.

Corsair Airflow 4000D:-

Looking for a case with better airflow to keep your components cool and cool, and perhaps give you more over-clocking options? The Corsair 4000D Airflow case (for good reason) advertises a front panel that’s designed to draw in as much air as possible, with three 120mm fans, and still look good. You can even fit a 360mm AIO all-in-one or the top 280mm here.

Its minimalist design can work well or badly depending on what you’re doing, but you can always equip it with RGB fans if you want to give it more personality. However, we think that triangles do a great job of making it stand out as it really is. Cable routing is a breeze with ample space behind the motherboard, cable routing channel and PSU shroud for extra cabling. As a bonus, there is a USB Type-C port on the front I / O panel.