Different regulations and licenses required by a jeweller in London


The jewellery business is an incredibly popular market that helps artists and designers to use their creativity and craftsmanship to earn names for themselves in the fashion industry. A vast range of options is available when it comes to creating a jewellery brand. Pieces of jewellery are categorized as fine,custom, handmade, and costume jewellery. For any kind of sustainable jewellery business, certain regulations, licenses, and preparations are required. It’s the same in London too. Some of the legal requirements to enter the jewellery market in London are as follows.

  • License -To set up a small business no license is required in London, but for setting, a certain category of business needs to go through the legal procedure that includes business license and registration with HMRC. Small businesses get their license from the local authorities but to have a clear picture of the license required for a jewellery shop in London depends on what scale and what type of shop you want to start.
  • Hallmark notice-Any jeweller supplying precious jewellery should have hallmark notice obtained from the nearest Assay office. Hallmark notice should be provided by the jeweller to its customer while selling precious pieces of jewellery. It provides a guarantee about the quality of the metals used for the pieces of jewellery as it’s the mark of purity.All diamond and gold pieces of jewellery originality are judged from the smallhallmark likeforexample a customer when comes to buya diamond tennis bracelet Hatton Garden jewellery shop trieslooking for hallmark to ensure that its real and not fake.
  • General product safety-All products that are safe to be used need the general product safety directive. Any business small or big needs to comply with this general product safety to get approval for its marketing.
  • BIS –Bureau of the industry is a licensed provider for importing items that are subject to restrictions thus need approval. Jewellers in London are required to have a BIS license for selling their commodities.
  •  Jewellers should be able to present its customer with third-party certification for certain gemstones like a diamond. There are different kinds of certifications like WGI, IGL, IGR, and GIA. Prices of diamond jewellery are decided based on these grading.A jeweller should have this certification for their pieces of jewellery.

A jeweller should have all the above-mentioned legal licenses and follow all the regulations to be a renowned jeweller in London. These qualities when imbibed by a jeweller can lead to the growth of his brand name. Brand name attracts its buyer as they have all the legal documents that guarantee the quality of their jewellery. If some customer wants to buy their wedding rings in London then definitely they would look out for a jeweller who has all the legal data to prove the genuineness of their jewellery, for this Wedding rings Hatton garden could be one of the places of visit for their wedding shopping as they have all the legal certification and follow all the rules of marketing.