Los Angeles with Kids: Where to Go by Car


Los Angeles is a city where your kids will have fun. At the same time, parents can be completely sure their precious child is safe and not bored. White sandy beaches, endless ocean, palm trees, fantastic playgrounds, green parks, year-round sunshine, and good weather – you will find everything your family loves here. And if you rent a car, your trip will be even more exciting. 

Yes, it would be a great idea to pick up a luxury Mercedes Sprinter van rental Los Angeles and explore the local attractions in comfort and style. The large van rental can accommodate up to 15 passengers, so you can take your entire large family on the trip. Plus it’s very cheap to rent a van in Los Angeles. This means that your journey will be extremely budgeted as well. 

If you are ready to start, let’s check where you can go in the City of Angels with kids…

Griffith Observatory 

File:Griffith observatory 2006.jpg

Here you will admire one of the most stunning views of Los Angeles and the famous Hollywood sign. The observatory houses the Foucault pendulum, thanks to which you can see how the Earth rotates. Also, here you will find a space museum, an 11-meter-wide model of the North Pole, and a planetarium. 

Once it gets dark, you can explore the night sky through one of the telescopes available outdoors. There are always many children, even those who have to stand on tiptoes to reach the eyepiece. Museum staff will be happy to answer any questions and tell interesting stories about space. 

Also, there’s a shop that children will surely like. It sells astronaut costumes and many other interesting and educational items for little space explorers.

Travel Town Museum 

File:'Travel Town Museum' 30.jpg

A 10-minute drive from the Griffith Observatory is the Travel Town Museum. It’s a small and very compact museum with a large and beautiful collection of trains. It contains the entire rich history of California urban transport. 

The first horse-drawn trolleybus, the innovative 1911 Richfield oil tankers, passenger and mail trains, wooden animal carriages, and many other amazing exhibits are available there. Especially for kids, the Travel Town Museum offers a miniature wooden railway and the opportunity to ride a real train around the territory of the open-air museum.

Griffith Park Merry-go-Round 

Griffith Park merry-go-round | Los Angeles also has a carous… | Flickr

If you want to take a break, but the children still have a lot of energy, then it’s time to visit the playground. Griffith Park has a carousel dating back to 1926. 68 carved wooden horses rush to the music of an ancient organ that plays more than 1500 tunes of the past and takes you back to those distant times. 

Don’t be afraid that your child will fall – every horse has a safe seat belt. A few steps from the carousel you’ll see a playground, which is especially popular with children of Hollywood celebrities.

Venice Beach 

Los Angeles - Venice Beach | Wally Gobetz | Flickr

Just a couple of blocks from the very quiet Venice Canal Walkway you’ll find one of the most important and lively places in Los Angeles. This is Venice Beach, full of tourists, street musicians, artists, dancers, film crews, and Hollywood celebrities. 

After strolling along the souvenir shop lanes, be sure to turn towards the playground. Here you can always meet kids who speak a variety of languages ​​and play together without any problems. If your kids love sports, you will find a skatepark, where professionals can easily get along with very young skaters. 

There are a lot of sports grounds as well. In addition to the skate park, the beach provides tennis, basketball, and beach volleyball courts.

Zimmer Children’s Museum 

File:Get Moving at the Glazer Children's Museum.JPG

This museum is a real small town! Your kids will be able to sit at the controls of an airplane, put out a fire in real lifeguard uniforms, take a boat ride in a sea of ​​balloons, go to the supermarket and cook dinner at home, leave a note in the wailing wall, and even go to the theater! 

What’s more, classes with children of different ages are regularly held there. They change all the time and are always in high demand. Be sure to check the timetable before visiting.


Yogurtland | Taro and strawberry lemonade frozen yogurt with… | Flickr

Both kids and their parents age all year-round line up for the perfect ice cream at Yogurtland. Why do they choose this particular place? The unique feature of Yogurtland is that you make ice cream on your own. Of course, your kids will especially love this. 

Dozens of ever-changing flavors, natural California milk, fresh berries, and a variety of toppings – you can taste all this in one of the most popular places in Los Angeles!